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Hongkong Work VISA Types, Eligibility, Application Process, and Fees

You must be curious to find out if you can move to Hongkong to start a well paying job but the question is why would Hongkong companies be hiring an international skilled worker and why would Hongkong government would be allowing those HK companies to hire international workers rather than providing employement opportunities to local Hongkong and Chinese citizens. So, to provide you better and well researched insights on how you can apply for a valid work permit for Hongkong for starting a Hongkong job i wrote this article so you can get an idea of how you can move to Hongkong in 2023.

So let me tell you that there are three possible ways for you to move to Hongkong to start a job and apply for Hongkong Work VISA in 2023 and those are:

  • Top Talent Pass Scheme (TTPS) Program
  • Entrepreneur VISA for Hongkong
  • Hongkong Work permit for Employees

1- Top Talent Pass Scheme (TTPS) Program

So this one is my favorite route to land a job and obtain a work permit of Hongkong because if job seekers have a previous job where they were got paid annually over HK$2.5, or hold a degree from top 100 globally ranked university with over 3 years of work experience then those job seekers stand eligible for TTPS hongkong immigration program.

2- Entrepreneur VISA for Hongkong

Now this particular Hongkong entrepreneur investment VISA is very special because this can be obtained by anyone who can register a company/business in Hongkong and provide them a business plan stating how would that business will become beneficial for the economy of Hongkong. You will be glad to know that there is no need to make heavy investment in Hongkong but instead of that you may be required to provide financial statement dipicting funds for at least 6 months of your business operations in Hongkong.

And now if i tell you about the benefits of entrepreneur VISA of Hongkong then you will be happy to know that you can even bring in you spouse or dependent children to HK once you get this VISA and with that you can also apply for permanent residency of Hongkong whereas this entrepreneur HK visa stands valid only for one year which can further be renewed every year.

3- Hongkong Work Permit for Employees

As per my research General Employment Policy (GEP) of Hongkong makes it possible for companies operating in Hongkong to hire international workers only in that condition where local Hongkong citizen workers are not available/capable of certain job position and in this regards Hongkong immigration department issued the list of approved HK job occupations which are permitted to get HK work permit VISAs. You must also need to know that the eligibility requirements of HK work visa for employees is also quite strict and the employer handles all the immigration processing whereas the visa is issued for only one year which near to its expiry must also be renewed.

List of Documents Required to Apply for Hongkong VISA in 2023

I also want you to get familiar with the types of documents required by Hongkong immigration department to evaluate your work visa, and entrepreneur visa applications in 2023:

  • Travel documents (Passport) of applicant
  • HK identity card (If available)
  • Photograph
  • Language proficiency cert
  • Company registration with business plan (In case of entrepreneur visa)
  • Work experience letters with academic degrees/transcripts
  • Your net worth proof documents
  • Appointment letter (In case of work visa for employees)

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