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How to Become Airline Pilot in 2024 – Complete Step by Step Instructions

If you want to see yourself as an airline pilot in 2024 then this article is going to be very useful for you because i will guide you about how you can actually become an airline pilot with required qualifications, flight training, obtaining flying license, and fulfilling all other requisites.

So, if you have a bachelors degree, required flying qualification with flying experience after 23 years of your age with proper medical & security clearance then you can easily become an airline pilot  and in this article we are going to discover 7 simple steps on how you can become a commercial airline pilot in 2023.

7 Simple Steps for You to Become Commercial Airline Pilot in 2023

I hope you know most of countries are facing shortage of pilots and flying officers which is why Pilot occupation is nowadays in very high demand and comes under skill shortage list for many countries so this is why i want you to get full knowledge of this profession because if you become a pilot in next few years then i can clearly expect that you will start earning high salary for sure, therefore, let together explore how you can unlock this dream to become a pilot as per my 7 step simple guide about becoming a pilot in recent times:

1- You need to obtain Private Pilot License

In USA and other countries there is this basic requirement for all trainee pilots to first of all receive their private pilot certificate by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) so that they can then be authorized to fly single engine aircraft to learn and study flying while recording their total flying hours for experience.

This is going to be your first step in becoming a pilot and for that reason you will be required to complete 40 hours of flying time with 20 hours of training (flying) with authorized flying teacher and solo flight experience of around 10 hours, whereas 3 hours of experience for each of cross country flying/night flying and instrument learning.

Upon completing FAA private license certification you will actually become private pilot but will not be able to fly for commercial airlines because there are more steps to follow for that and you also needs to be at least 23 years of age with bachelors degree in hand.

2-  Learn Aircraft Instrument Rating

Now after you receive PPL from FA then your next task would be to learn and study aviation/aircraft instrument rating so that you can then become proficient in flying as per instrument flight rules (IFR) and become expert in flying under any sort of weather conditions.

3- Obtain Commercial Pilot Certification

Let me tell you that you will be required to have commercial pilot certificate if you want to become a pilot to get compensated for any sort of flying job such as commercial airline pilot, agricultural pilot, flight instructor pilot, photography pilot, corporate pilot, or even patrol pilot.

Therefore your step 3 is to opt for completing commercial pilot certificate through which as per FAR part 61 rules you will be required to complete 100 hours of pilot in command training, 250 hours of flight time, 50 hours of cross country flying time, 100 hours of powered aircraft flying experience, 20 hours of flying training, 10 hours each of complex/TAA, instrument learning, and solo training.

4- Apply for Flight Instructor Certificate

At this stage when you became commercial pilot by completing 250 hours of flying then your next step is to apply for flight instructor certificate (CFI) which typically allows you to fly aircraft for earning money and get employed for this profession with airlines.

5- Add Multi Engine Rating

If you will apply for a job as pilot at commercial airlines to fly their multiple engine aircraft then in that case you will be required to add multi engine rating to your previously obtained commercial pilot license and after completing this step you will satisfy all basic requirements to work as a pilot with commercial jet liners.

6- Get Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate and Flying Experience

As a commercial pilot you would be required to have at least 1500 hours of total flight time experience to qualify for Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) and when you have reached your experience between 500-1500 hours then you will stand eligible to appear for job interview as flight officer at any airline and based on that you may receive employment offer.

7- Start Your Job as Commercial Pilot

So afterward you can work as a commercial pilot at any airline but there are some airlines that require their new recruit pilots to participate in their own cadet programs and after clearing those programs those airlines for example American airlines allow their recruit pilots to start flying their specified fleet.

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