How to Find Jobs in Italy With Work VISA 2024?

Italy offers a wealth of job opportunities for international workers, fresh graduates, and skilled professionals across various sectors. A pivotal step in securing an Italian work visa is having a job offer, as this enables the employer to initiate the visa process. While this might sound daunting, this article simplifies the journey for international job seekers. It outlines how to find job vacancies in Italy, and guides on selecting the appropriate work visa for 2024, making the entire process more approachable and manageable.

Complete Steps to Land Employment in Italy with Work VISA in 2024

The general steps to land a job in Italy to apply for a work and residence permit in 2024 are here:

  1. Obtain a Job Offer from Italy: The first and most crucial step is to secure a job offer from an Italian employer. This is necessary to apply for both the Italian work permit and the work visa.
  2. Apply for the Work Permit: Known as ‘Nulla Osta al lavoro’, this permit must be applied for by your employer on your behalf.
  3. Submit a Work Visa Application at the Italian Embassy: Once you have a job offer and the work permit has been approved, you can apply for an Italy Work Visa at the Italian representation in your home country.
  4. Enter Italy and Apply for a Residence Permit: After entering Italy, you need to apply for a residence permit to legally stay and work in the country.

List of Must-Have Documents for Application:

  • A copy of your signed work contract.
  • Resume with cover letter
  • Passport.
  • Experienced certificates
  • Proof of accommodation in Italy.
  • Police character cert and physical health fitness certs
  • Proof of sufficient financial means.
  • Receipt of paid visa fee.
  • Degree, Diplomas, or other relevant certificates.

Simplified Application Process:

#1 Finding a Job in Italy:

Look for job openings that match your skills and qualifications. Italy has a high demand for skilled workers in various sectors. Particularly, the demand for skilled workers in Italy is expected to increase starting in 2024, with significant opportunities in both the private and public sectors.

2# Platforms for Job Search: Some of the best platforms for non-EU job seekers to find jobs in Italy include:

    • CEDEFOP Skill Mismatch occupation list for Italy (Skill Shortage Professions in Italy)
    • The local (
    • Adzuna (
    • LavoroTurismo (
    • Jobsinmilan (
    • Expatjobs (
    • Careerjet (
    • Cliccalavoro (
    • LinkedIn Italy (
    • (
    • Indeed (
    • Glassdoor (
    • Graduateland (​​.

Most In-Demand Jobs in Italy As Per CEDEFOP Report:

Some of the most in-demand jobs include Information Technology, Data Management, HR, Sales, Marketing, Creative and Design, Customer Service, Healthcare, Teaching, Tourism, Management, and Skilled Trades​.

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