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Jefferson Scholars Foundation Scholarship 2024 in USA

The Jefferson Scholars Foundation Scholarship 2024 is offered in the United States. It provides Ph.D. candidates with mentorship, networking opportunities, and a platform for professional growth in various academic fields. Our article details the scholarship’s features, application requirements, and the unique opportunities it presents for intellectual and scholarly development.

The Jefferson Scholars Foundation is inviting applications for its prestigious 2024 scholarship, offering a unique opportunity for Ph.D. candidates. This scholarship is not just a financial grant but a platform for intellectual and professional growth, catering to a wide range of disciplines including history, political science, law, communications, and more.

Who Can Apply for Jefferson Scholars Foundation Scholarship?

  • Ph.D. candidates are either close to dissertation completion or have a two-year write-up plan.
  • Non-U.S. citizens are eligible.
  • This is not a post-doctoral fellowship.

Unique Benefits of the Fellowship

  • Mentorship: Each Fellow is paired with a Mentor to build a network of scholars in their research field.
  • Networking and Collaboration: Fellows engage in year-long collaboration, participating in virtual groups, workshops, and conferences.
  • On-Campus Residency: Fellows (except Galambos Fellows) are required to spend up to two weeks at the Jefferson Scholars Foundation. Galambos Fellows have their residency at the Hagley Library but may also visit the Foundation.

Program Structure

  • Fall Workshops: These are designed to enhance leadership skills useful in academia, nonprofit sectors, government, and policy-facing roles.
  • Spring Conference: Fellows present their research, showcasing their scholarly contributions.

Required Application Materials

  1. Applicant Information Sheet.
  2. Project Description (1,200 words): Detailing the dissertation or book project.
  3. Research Plan (500 words): Steps for drafting and publication.
  4. Network Proposal (1,200 words): Identifying key scholars and their potential contributions to the research network.
  5. Op-ed or Blog Post (750 words): Demonstrating public engagement with research findings.
  6. Professional Development Statement (500 words): Outlining desired skills and competencies.
  7. Bibliography (3 pages) and Curriculum Vitae (2 pages).
  8. Writing Sample (40 pages max): A dissertation chapter or a published article.
  9. Two Letters of Recommendation (one from an advisor).

Deadline to apply for Jefferson Scholars Foundation Scholarship

  • Applications and recommendations are due by January 15, 2024.
  • The complete application package, including recommendations, must be received for consideration.

Where to Apply?

Visit Jefferson Scholars Foundation to submit your application. For queries, you can contact [email protected].

The Jefferson Scholars Foundation Scholarship 2024 presents an exceptional opportunity for doctoral candidates to enhance their academic prowess, build a professional network, and contribute significantly to their fields of study. It’s a chance to become part of a vibrant community of scholars committed to intellectual and professional excellence

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