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Jobs at World Health Organization (WHO) 2023 for International Staff

How to apply for jobs at World Health Organization?


You must be thinking big if you landed on this article to get information about how you can start serving humanity by working for world health organization (WHO) so in this regard i am very happy to inform you that WHO has announced jobs for 2023 recruitment cycle for all international job seekers.

List of WHO departments offering jobs in 2023:

Now if you are curious to know operative model of WHO to figure out if you can apply for their jobs or not then here are the names of departments of WHO where job positions are currently open for recruitment; leadership & management, emergency response teams, public health department, and WHO operations dept. Now in these departments as per my research, the workforce team basically consists of four types of skilled worker categories and contractual workers which are national professional officers, international professional officers, general service staff, and contractual workers.

So, as i know all of you belong from different countries so your aim should be to first check if WHO is offering jobs in your country then in this case apply for national professional officers jobs and if you want to work abroad in WHO projects then consider applying for international professional officer positions and other categories.


Salary Packages for jobs at WHO in 2023

I always get excited when disclosing salary packages of various jobs but here i am overwhelmingly happy to provide details because World Health Organization (WHO) jobs are of two types; temporary and permanent and to my surprise WHO is offering very high salary packages for both of these job types which includes; further educational sponsorship, dependency funds, relocation grant, mobility incentives, repatriation funds, settling allowance, hardship allowance, and high salaries with accommodation facilities and all of these salary packages are customized for each of WHO job positions in accordance with UN common system which was created by ICSC.

What are basic requirements to work for WHO?

I know most of you would now be worried about if you fall eligible to apply for Jobs at WHO or not so for that purpose if you want to submit your application for the job of international WHO officer then you need to be fluent in English, or French languages with good fluency in Russian, Arabic, chinese, and spanish languages which are considered as official languages of UN and with that considerable amount of work experience and high academic degrees would be required.


Whereas if your objective is to submit a job application for World Health Organization (WHO) national professional officer (NPO) job then you would require academic degree, native language proficiency, and high work experience to be eligible for NPO jobs.

But if you want to apply for general worker position jobs at WHO then high language proficiency in any one of UN languages is must with some proficiency in second language and if job applicant also knows any third language then that would be a bonus!


How to apply for Jobs at WHO in 2023?

I think we must not hurry in throwing away your resume (CV) for WHO jobs because first of all you need to know which of the jobs types you want to apply at WHO and you might find it interesting that there are some other recruitment programs run by HR of WHO which are volunteers program of UN, student internships, junior professional officer, and young professional officers recruitment programs.

So, once you know which of these programs are best fit for your career then apply for them but if you directly want to apply for Jobs at WHO then you need to explore WHO jobs board page for open job vacancies and then select WHO job that suites your experiences, and other expertise and consider submitting your application online and free of charge and then wait for their final decision.


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