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Jobs in New Zealand With $100k+ Salaries – 2023 Updated

You may know that the average salary in New Zealand in recent years was recorded to be around NZ$8200/month which accounts to NZ$97300 per annum which depicts that there must be several occupations in New Zealand which are actually receiving NZ$100k+ salaries.

I think you must now be super curious to find out those professions in New Zealand which are getting paid over $100k/year in salary and therefore in this article we are going to talk about average salaries in all of New Zealand provinces followed by sharing some insights on occupations in New Zealand which are getting paid over $100k/annum salary.

Average Salaries in New Zealand Provinces

With that i would also like to mention that anything above NZ$70k/year is actually considered a good salary in New Zealand (Ref NZHerald) whereas if i talk about average salaries in each of NZ provinces then they are; NZ$74k/year in Canterbury, NZ$75k/year in Auckland, NZ$82.4k/year in Wellington, NZ$71.1k in Otago, NZ$79k in Nelson, and NZ$79.4k in New Plymouth.

So now i am going to share with you those occupations which are comfortably making NZ$100k/year salary in New Zealand in 2023 and in case if you have qualifications with work experience in any of these professions then you can also look for jobs in New Zealand whereas based on your nationality you may also be required to apply for NZ work visa after accepting appointment letter.

List of Occupations with $100k+ Salaries in New Zealand in 2023

So now you can see my well researched full list of all those professions which in New Zealand are making annually over $100k salary with residence, travel, utility, and healthcare allowances.

# Occupations Earning $100k Salaries in New Zealand Max Salary Min Salary
1 Anaesthesiologist $116k $47k
2 Orthodontist $254K $114K
3 Procurement Professional $200k $85k
4 Deep Sea Fishing Skippers $280k $130k
5 HR Head of department $250k $150k
6 Diagnostic radiologist $387k $86k
7 Senior Zoologist $197K $102K
8 Senior Judges $525k $358k
9 Historian $120K $47K
10 Mine Professional $210k $100k
11 Building and Construction Professional $170k $95k
12 Senior Forestry Scientist $150K $110K
13 Ophthalmologist $240k $58k
14 Senior Communications Professional $250k $70k
15 Surgeon $197k $81k
16 Chiropractor $150K $60K
17 Managing Director/Chief Executive $700k $120k
18 Information Technology Architect $155k $112k
19 Financial Advisor $250k $72k
20 Pathologist $230k $97k
21 Information Technology Professional $150k $107k
22 Chief Financial officer $250k $100k
23 Marketing Professional $200k $80k
24 Tertiary Lecturer $213K $77K
25 Senior Biomedical Engineer $120K $72K
26 Ship’s Master $250k $42k
27 Radiation Oncologists $387k $86k

I must also mention that all these salaries are well researched by me from New Zealand’s government website for careers (Ref i guess you will be happy to know that New Zealand government actively monitor minimum wages of all their occupations to protect their labor rights (Ref NZ Employment Rights).

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