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Top 3 Countries Offering Jobs for Skilled Workers, Graduates, and Professionals in 2023

Top 3 Countries Offering Highest Job Opportunities for Skilled Workers in 2023

No doubt there are thousands of jobs available abroad for you to apply but how would you know which country you should choose for starting your new career based on information about high salary, good allowances, better standard of life, job security, and friendly environment.

You will also be happy to read these fact that in which countries your occupation will be highly paid so that you can cash in your degree at maximum salary and with that you might also get curious to know how much additional salary will be paid to you if you have postgrad qualifications with years of work experience on your resume.

All of this is daunting task whereby if you start researching on this then you may get diverted from your main goal to find a high paying job abroad in 2023, therefore this way your competitor job applicants would step ahead of you.

This is why i did this research for you and wrote this article to provide you with the names of those 5 countries where you must start looking for jobs right away because these following countries are actually offering very high paying jobs, and have an abundance of skill shortages that will result in maximizing your chances of recruitment, so lets explore those countries together to help you start your next job search.

1- Jobs in United Kingdom (Top Ranked – Overall)

You have to look for those cities in UK where highest number of jobs are available so for that as per 2023 research of ciphr; 16% employment growth rate was detected in city of Oxford in 2022 which made Oxford as one of the best UK cities to find employment followed by Milton keynes, York, St Albans, & Norwich.

You will get blown away by this research conducted by UK Parliament with findings of 208000 vacancies in social and public health sector and hence making healthcare industry of UK as the top ranked employment offering sector in 2023 followed by day/residential care workers, chemical/nuclear engineers, biochemists, civil/mechanical/electrical/electronics and production engineer occupations (Ref Gov.UK).

So if you have qualifications and work experience in any of these sectors then you may qualify to apply for skill shortage occupation jobs in UK in 2023 and for that reason i strongly suggest you to submit also read British work visa instructions so you will have better understanding of all of this process whereas you can also explore UK government jobs with your area of expertise and qualification to find latest employment opportunities.

2- China Hiring IT/AI Workers, Scientists/Researchers, Teachers

Now this is big because China in 2023 is offering a large number of high paying jobs with free residence and Z type work visa to international researchers, engineers, scientists, scholars, artificial intelligence professionals, software engineers, IT experts, English language teachers, music teachers, negotiators/transcribers/translators.

You may feel overwhelmed to know that there are over 270+ Chinese universities where you can apply for job and as you know China is now a global factory which is why a large number of production engineers, negotiators, and translators are in high demand (Ref Wikipedia).

As per recent reports by brookings & nikkei, China now became artificial intelligence market leader and happily sits at top spot throughout the global AI countries ranking list and with that information you must also know that China is also progressing a lot in field of artificial intelligence as they are investing a large sum in IT sector due to high demand and to cope up with high demand of IT services China needs more IT and AI experts which is why they are openly hiring AI and IT experts these days which means if you have required qualifications or expertise then you can start working in China on high salary incentives whereas you will also be given with Chinese work visa and residence permit for that.

3- Jobs in New Zealand

New Zealand if my third best recommendation for you to find jobs in 2023 because they are actually offering a large number of work VISA and a variety of skill shortage jobs such as infrastructure/construction workers, long term skill shortage jobs, skill level classification jobs, and regional skill shortage jobs and story does not even end here because New Zealand immigration office also have a dedicated page where you can enter your occupation to find out if your profession comes under their latest skill shortage jobs or not (Ref NZ Immigration).

If you manage to get a job in New Zealand then you will also have to choose right NZ work visa type to get your passport stamped in order to fly there for work purpose and for that you may also be required to pay your work visa application fees (Ref NZ work visa).

Align Your Resume or CV for International Job Applications

I hope you will find high paying international job position in above mentioned three countries for which you will get interested to submit your job application but before we do so i want you to evaluate your current resume or CV and make sure that your CV, Resume and Cover letter is themed as per the job type you are applying for so that your documents would stand out among rest of job candidates.

Zahira Bano

(Associate Editor) Zahira holds a PhD in Cosmetics Surgery and Pharma. She worked with Mashables and some other beauty and wellness blogs. She is also a well-known personality and educationist and has a large number of social following. She also writes on the female empowerment motivational topics in her leisure time. She is also a scholarship winner and mentor for students looking for studying abroad opportunities.

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