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UK Government Permanent Jobs 2023 for Student Counsellor

You may have gone through several job listings trying to find a UK permanent government job but to be very honest it is not so easy as it looks because as an international job applicant you have to fulfill English language requirements on top of your academic and work experience and if all goes well then you will have also qualify for British work visa.

But if you get complete A-Z information about how to find and apply for permanent job in UK government then i think it will become quite easy for you to complete the whole hiring process with immigration as well so lets get started by discussing the latest UK government jobs.

Which Permanent Jobs are available in UK Gov in 2023?

So now i have got news for you and that is the announcement of Student Counsellors permanent jobs in UK government permanent for various British cities in 2023. I must tell you that the salary of student counseling jobs in UK is not so high but the good thing is that these are permanent government jobs which is a solid job security for rest of your life if you manage to get it.

UK government Jobs

UK Government is recruiting for student counselor positions and currently as per my research there are 28 student counselor jobs available in UK for which you can now submit your application and if you are wondering what would be the job responsibility of a student counselor in UK then let me guide you with that as well.

Job Responsibility of a Student Counsellor in UK

Basically, a student counselor is required to have a diploma, undergrad, or postgrad degree in psychotherapy which is useful for helping out young students to solve their sensitive issues by therapeutic techniques and assisting students with their strengths to optimize their potential to maximum level possible.

I think you will be glad to know that student counselor jobs in UK are currently under the banner of skilled shortage jobs which means you can easily get recruited if you have the right qualifications and work experience for it (Source BACP).

How to Apply for Student Counselor Jobs in UK?

Before we get into the application process i would like to mention that this is a permanent job in UK government and as there are over 25+ student counselling jobs available at the moment at different cities of UK so you first have to choose the suitable student counselling job and then check its requirements, and then you have to gather all your job application documents to submit your online application at UK government jobs page.

UK Gov Student Counselling Jobs
UK Gov Student Counselling Jobs

Do you need IELTS to Start a Job at UK Government?

As you know Britain is a native English speaking country which further means if you want to work there then obviously you have to be highly proficient in English language and at the time of your job interview, or immigration process; you will prove your B1 level of English proficiency with CEFR scale, or have to pass SELT test to qualify.

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