Kuwaiti Labor Market Jobs With Work VISA 2024 (Application Process)

Kuwait’s labor market is undergoing significant shifts, characterized by labor shortages in key sectors and evolving visa requirements for international job seekers. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the labor market scenario in Kuwait, salary insights, sectors facing labor shortages, types of work visas, and a step-by-step guide for job seekers and visa applicants in 2024.

Background of Labor Shortages in Kuwait

Kuwait is experiencing labor shortages across various sectors due to a combination of factors, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which restricted the entry of non-Kuwaitis into the country, leading to a considerable reduction in the workforce. Sectors such as healthcare, IT, finance, education, construction, and the service industry, including restaurants and cafes, are particularly affected​.

Average Salary and Labor Market Conditions in Kuwait in 2024

The most acute labor shortages in Kuwait are in the healthcare, oil & gas, IT, finance & banking, education, and construction sectors. There’s a high demand for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, engineers, geologists, software developers, cybersecurity experts, accountants, auditors, financial analysts, teachers, and project managers.

In Kuwait, labor salary disparities are influenced by factors such as nationality, sector, occupation, experience, and employer specifics. Kuwaiti nationals typically outearn expatriates. The oil and gas industry is notably more lucrative than sectors like construction or hospitality. Specific roles, experience, and qualifications also play a significant role in salary variations, with skilled roles like engineers earning more than general laborers. On average, salaries span from KWD 1,493 monthly for all workers to about KWD 338 for expatriates.

To provide a broad perspective on income levels:

  • General Average: Across all demographics and sectors, the typical monthly income in Kuwait hovers around KWD 1,493 (approximately USD 5,000). It’s important to note that this figure is an overarching average and doesn’t capture the wide salary disparities.
  • Expatriate Earnings: Non-Kuwaiti employees generally earn less, with an average salary of about KWD 338 per month (approximately USD 1,100).
  • Sector-specific Figures:
    • Construction and Real Estate: Monthly salaries range from KWD 320 to KWD 2,160.
    • General Labor: Compensation varies between KWD 190 to KWD 400 monthly

Types of Work Visas in Kuwait Suitable for Labor Workers

Kuwait offers various types of work visas for international applicants, including:

  • Kuwaiti Contract Work Visa: For contract-based jobs, valid for up to three years.
  • General Work Visa: The most common type, with a validity of one year.
  • Kuwaiti Residence Visa: Required for long-term employment, valid for one year but renewable.
  • Work Visa for Students in Kuwait: For foreign students wishing to work part-time alongside their studies.

Step-by-Step Guide to Labor Jobs and Visa Application for Kuwait

  1. Job Search: Start by identifying sectors with labor shortages. Utilize job boards like and LinkedIn, and consider recruitment agencies for targeted job searches.
  2. Secure a Job Offer: A job offer from a Kuwaiti employer is mandatory before applying for a work visa. Ensure the offer includes sponsorship.
  3. Kuwaiti Work Type and Visa Application Process:
    • Choose the Correct Visa Type: Based on the job offer and intended stay duration, select the appropriate work visa.
    • Gather Required Documents: This includes a valid passport, employment contract, health insurance, and, for certain visas, a police-issued character certificate and medical test results.
    • Submit the Visa Application: Applications are generally submitted through the Kuwaiti embassy or consulate in your home country. An application fee of approximately US$20 or 20 Kuwaiti dinars is required.
  4. Residence Permit: If planning to stay for a year or more, you’ll also need to apply for a residence permit upon arrival in Kuwait, submitting additional documentation including a physical exam report and proof of health insurance coverage.

Where to find Labor Market Jobs in Kuwait in 2024?

For foreigners seeking labor jobs in Kuwait following are the list of some top portals from where labor industry jobs can be found:

Government Departments:

Labor Industry Job Finding Resources for Kuwait in 2024

The labor market in Kuwait presents numerous opportunities for skilled professionals from abroad, particularly in sectors where there are significant labor shortages. By understanding the types of work visas available, the application process, and focusing on in-demand sectors, international job seekers can effectively navigate the path to employment and residency in Kuwait.

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