Latvia Work Visa 2024, Types, Eligibility, and Skill Shortage Jobs


In 2024, Latvia is actively inviting international talents to fill its skill shortages, offering a variety of work visas tailored to different professional needs. This is a golden opportunity for job seekers worldwide to leverage their skills in a country that values and rewards expertise. With competitive salaries and a growing demand in sectors like IT, engineering, and healthcare, Latvia presents a unique chance to advance your career in an environment that is actively seeking and appreciating global talent.

So, here’s an insightful guide on navigating the Latvian work visa landscape and tapping into the skill-shortage job market of Latvia in 2024.

Understanding Latvia’s Work Visa Types in 2024

Latvia offers a range of work visas designed to cater to different professional needs and employment durations. Here’s an improved and fluent overview of the A, B, C, D, and Seasonal work visas:


1# A Visa (Highly Qualified Specialists):

  • Target Group: Individuals with exceptional skills important for Latvia’s economic growth.
  • Validity: Up to 3 years, with the possibility of extension.
  • Requirements: High academic qualifications, relevant work experience, and sponsorship from a Latvian employer.

2# B Visa (Skilled Workers):

  • Target Group: Professionals with specific skills needed in the Latvian labor market.
  • Validity: Up to 1 year, extendable for another year.
  • Requirements: Professional qualifications, relevant work experience, and a Latvian employer’s sponsorship.

3# C Visa (Seasonal Workers):

  • Target Group: For temporary jobs in sectors like agriculture, tourism, and construction.
  • Validity: Up to 9 months within a 12-month period.
  • Requirements: An employment contract in Latvia, proof of sufficient financial resources, and health insurance.

4# D Visa (Intra-corporate Transferees):

  • Target Group: Employees of multinational companies moving to a branch or subsidiary in Latvia.
  • Validity: Up to 3 years, extendable.
  • Requirements: An employment contract with the Latvian branch, and proof of at least 1 year of employment with the parent company.

5# Seasonal Work Visa:

  • Target Group: For specific seasonal roles, mainly in agriculture, forestry, and tourism.
  • Validity: Up to 9 months within 12 months.
  • Requirements: Employment contract with a Latvian employer, adequate financial resources, and health insurance

Here is the table to easily understand the Latvian work visa details:

Latvian Work VISA Types, Purpose, Validity, and Requirements

Visa Type Purpose Validity Requirements
A Highly qualified specialists Up to 3 years (extendable) High qualifications, experience, employer sponsorship
B Skilled workers Up to 2 years Professional qualifications, experience, employer sponsorship
C Seasonal workers Up to 9 months (within 12 months) Employment contract, finances, health insurance
D Intra-corporate transferees Up to 3 years (extendable) Employment contract, parent company employment
Seasonal Specific seasonal jobs Up to 9 months (within 12 months) Employment contract, finances, health insurance

Is there any Job Search VISA Available for Latvia in 2024?

Latvia doesn’t have a specific “Job Search Visa,” but there are a few alternatives for those looking to find employment in the country:

  • Visa-Free Entry for 90 Days: Citizens from countries with visa-free agreements can stay in Latvia for up to 90 days in any 180 days. This is a convenient option for job searching activities like attending interviews or networking.
  • Business Visa (C-type): Suitable for up to 90 days of stay, this visa is ideal if you have scheduled meetings with potential employers, plan to attend job fairs or participate in industry-related events. An invitation from a Latvian company or organization is necessary.
  • Long-term Residence Permit for Highly Qualified Specialists (A-type Visa): This is an option for individuals with exceptional skills and qualifications who are in high demand in Latvia. Obtaining this visa requires the support of a potential employer and proof of the significant value you can add to the Latvian market

Skill Shortage Occupations in Latvia in 2024

As per the reports of the Latvian state employment agency, Latvian ministry of economics, and the Latvian Employers Confederation following sectors are facing skill shortages:

  • ICT Professionals: Software developers, cybersecurity experts, and network engineers.
  • Engineers: Mechanical, electrical, and civil engineers.
  • Health Professionals: Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists.
  • Business Professionals: Managers with expertise in finance, marketing, and logistics.

Medium-skilled occupations like lorry drivers, construction workers, and chefs are also in demand.


Where to Find Jobs in Latvia in 2024?

You can search for above mentioned skill shortage jobs in Latvian on any of the following platforms:

Employer Involvement in the Latvian Work Visa Process

The employer’s role varies with the visa type:

  • A-type and C-type Work Permits: High employer involvement, with responsibilities including application submission and documentation provision.
  • D-type Work Permit: Lower involvement, with possible need for a letter of invitation.
  • Seasonal Work Permit: Moderate employer involvement, primarily for the invitation and registration of the work position.

Latvia’s evolving job market and diverse work visa options present a promising landscape for skilled professionals. While navigating the application process, it’s crucial to stay informed and utilize resources like the Latvian Migration Office, the EU Blue Card portal, and job boards effectively. With the right approach, Latvia can be more than a scenic destination – it can be a thriving professional hub


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