Malang State University Scholarships 2024 in Indonesia

The UM International Student Scholarship 2024 at Malang State University, Indonesia, is designed for international students pursuing bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degrees. It offers comprehensive benefits including full tuition, accommodation, health insurance, and a round-trip flight. Applications are encouraged from students worldwide who meet the academic and language proficiency requirements for this enriching educational and cultural experience.

Scholarship Schemes and Benefits

UM-ISS consists of four main scholarship schemes:

  1. General Academic Scholarship: Covers full tuition, dormitory accommodation, a round-trip flight, and a health insurance package.
  2. Asean Research Scholarship: Targets postgraduate students with additional support for research activities.
  3. BIPA Teachers Scholarship: Specifically for students pursuing education in Bahasa Indonesia for non-native speakers.
  4. Cultural Exchange Scholarship: Focused on enriching cultural knowledge and exchange.

Each scheme supports the student for the duration necessary to complete their degree, ensuring that students only need to focus on their studies and cultural immersion.

Eligibility and Application

Candidates are expected to meet academic prerequisites, demonstrate language proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS), and submit specific documents like previous degree certificates, transcripts, and letters of recommendation. The application process is straightforward, involving online registration, document submission, and following specific steps as outlined on UM’s official International Affairs portal.

To apply for the UM International Student Scholarship 2024 at Malang State University:

  1. Visit the UM ISS website and create an account.
  2. Activate your account through a verification email.
  3. Log in and select “degree” in the registration type.
  4. Choose your desired scholarship scheme and degree.
  5. Fill out the application form, add personal and educational details.
  6. Upload required documents including a passport-size photo and PDFs of other documents.
  7. Review all information, submit the application, and regularly check your email for updates on the selection process
  8. Wait for result announcement.

Studying at UM is more than an academic journey. It’s an opportunity to experience Indonesia’s vibrant culture, engaging in various campus activities and community engagement programs designed to foster global perspectives and mutual understanding among students from diverse backgrounds.

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