McCall MacBain Canada Scholarships 2024 – Check Eligibility for Application Process


International Scholarships are raining everywhere in 2023 for the class of 2024 which this is why i am here to introduce you to another Canadian McCall MacBain fully funded scholarship which are now open for online applications for international students and McCall MacBain allocated 30 seats for full scholarships whereas 100 entrance scholarship awards will be issued this year for fall semester 2024 for postgrad studies.

Whats on the Table for Winners of McCall MacBain Scholarship

If i take you as a winner of McCall MacBain Canadian scholarship 2024 then you will actually be studying for free at partnered Canadian Mcgill university because tuition fees of McGill university for your course would be sponsored. However you will also be receiving a monthly stipend money of CAD$2k/per month and settlement sponsorship funds for you to get settled in Montreal, Canada.

I think these are just the numbers that might motivate you to apply & win McCall MacBain scholarship but there is something more than that to it which is an opportunity to study at McGill university of Canada which is ranked 46th globally as per timeshighereducation.


Are you required to Submit Language Proficiency Proof?

Since you are going to apply for admission on McCall MacGill Scholarship at McGill University of Canada where English is language of instruction therefore submission of your English language proficiency is must have requirement and only IELTS or TOEFL are two acceptable form of English language tests but you might easily get exemption from submitting an English language test cert if you were living in a country for 4 years where English was primary language.

You can also seek English language proficiency exemption from McGill University in case you studied in US, Canada or in any country where English was language of instruction for a period of last 4 years (Ref McGill English requirement).


Shall We Submit Your Application for McCall MacBain Scholarship?

Your first step would be to find suitable course from 450+ courses/subject options offered under this Canadian scholarship of McCall MacBain and then you will b required to check admission criteria and according to that you will arrange required documents followed by which you will be all set to apply for admission on McGill University scholarships but in some cases you may also be required to get in touch with faculty members of McGill university for obtaining their consent on supervising your research/degree (Ref Application Steps McGill).

Till When We Can Apply for McCall MacBain Scholarships?

My student audience from US and Canada can submit their online applications for McCall Macbain scholarships till September 27, 2023 whereas all other international students are given time till August 24, 2023 to submit their applications here.


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