Minimum Bank Statement for British (UK) VISA in 2024

Applying for a UK visa often involves navigating a complex labyrinth of requirements, with one of the most daunting being the minimum bank statement requirement. This hurdle can be particularly challenging for many prospective UK visa seekers, who find themselves grappling with the need to demonstrate sufficient financial resources.

The rationale behind this requirement is rooted in the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) policies aimed at ensuring that visitors or residents do not become overly reliant on public funds during their stay. So basically UKVI policies make sure to grant British VISA to those who can cover the cost of staying there.

Why the Requirement Minimum Bank Statement? The minimum bank statement requirement serves as a financial safety net, assuring the UKVI that applicants have the necessary funds to support themselves without burdening the state. This policy is also a measure to prevent illegal work and to ensure that visitors or migrants can afford their return journey.

Financial Requirements for Each UK Visa Type in 2024

Funds Requirement for UK Student Visa:

    • Living Costs: In London, applicants must show £1,334 per month for up to 9 months, while outside London, the requirement is £1,023 per month for the same period.
    • Total Funds: The total sum needed is the first year’s course fees plus the living costs for up to 9 months.
    • Bank Statements: Funds must be shown in a bank statement covering a consecutive 28-day period, ending no more than 31 days before the application date.

Funds Requirement for UK Visit/Tourist Visa:

    • While there’s no specified minimum bank statement, visitors must prove they can support themselves and any dependents during their stay. The amount can vary based on the length and purpose of the visit and this will be checked in local British embassies with the candidate’s documentation and travel arrangments.

Funds Requirement for UK Work Visa:

    • Specific financial requirements depend on the UK work visa category, but applicants generally need to show they can support themselves upon arrival and the details vary by work visa type and contract terms.

Cost of Applying for a British Visa in 2024

The visa application fees vary depending on the type of UK visa:

  • Student Visa (Outside UK): £490 for both main applicants and dependants.
  • Visit Visa (Up to 6 months): £115.
  • Long-term Visit Visa (2 years): £400.
  • Long-term Visit Visa (5 years): £771.
  • Long-term Visit Visa (10 years): £963.

Optional premium services like Priority Visa service and Super Priority Visa service range from £500 to £1000, depending on the type of service.

These costs reflect the UKVI’s effort to manage the influx of visitors and immigrants efficiently, ensuring that only those who are genuinely capable of supporting themselves without recourse to public funds gain entry.


Understanding and meeting the financial requirements for a UK visa is a critical step in the application process. While these requirements might appear daunting, they are in place to ensure that visitors and immigrants can enjoy their time in the UK without financial strain. Applicants are advised to prepare their financial documentation carefully, keeping in mind the specific requirements of their chosen UK visa category. Staying informed and prepared is key to a successful UK visa application in 2024

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