Mozilla Tech+ Society Fellowship 2024

Are you a technologist passionate about social justice? The Mozilla Tech + Society Fellowship 2024 is your chance to make a significant impact. This unique program pairs experienced technologists with civil society organizations, fostering collaborations that address critical societal issues intersecting with technology. It’s an opportunity to combine your technical expertise with a deep understanding of how technology affects communities, focusing on creating a more human-centered internet.

The Mozilla Tech + Society Fellowship is for experienced technologists to work with civil society organizations on technology-related social justice issues. It covers subjects like the impact of technology on society, especially in areas like AI and the digital world. People with over 5 years of experience in technology fields and a commitment to social justice can apply.

The fellowship offers a $60,000 yearly stipend, funding for personal and project needs, expert support, and opportunities for showcasing work at Mozilla events.

Mozilla’s Fellowship’s Mission

The program recognizes the current imbalances in resources and power faced by technologists and civil society organizations, particularly in the Global Majority. By empowering critical civil society organizations to navigate the digital world effectively, the fellowship aims to strengthen public interest movements and technologists, ensuring their sustainability and relevance.

8 Unmatchable Benefits of Tech+ Fellowship

  1. Generous Stipend: Fellows receive a $60,000 USD/year stipend.
  2. Wellbeing Supplements: Personal supplements support individual well-being.
  3. Supplemental Funding: Additional funds are available to advance independent, aligned work.
  4. Expert and Cohort Support: Access to Mozilla Fellows, group working sessions, and individual support.
  5. Community Connections: Networking with like-minded leaders and Mozilla staff.
  6. Showcasing Work: Opportunities at Mozilla’s MozFest to raise pressing issues.
  7. Communication and Wellness Benefits: Support from Mozilla’s Communications Team and flexible funding for health and childcare.
  8. Travel and Project Budget: Funding for participation in events and project-related expenses.

Who Can Apply?

This fellowship is open to experienced public interest technologists who:

  • Have 5+ years in technology-related fields.
  • Are strategic, consultant-oriented, and experienced in technology-social justice intersections.
  • Are proactive in sharing their work and committed to full-time engagement for up to 2 years.
  • Have work authorization and a cultural understanding of the host organization’s country.

The Application Process

  1. Registration: Complete the Mozilla Fellows 2024-2026 Registration Form by January 22, 2024.
  2. Full Application: Submit the full application by February 5, 2024, on Mozilla’s Fluxx portal. This includes a description of a relevant issue, key results, host organization alignment, a personal project summary, and professional experience.

Don’t miss this chance to be at the forefront of technological and societal change. Apply for the Mozilla Tech + Society Fellowship 2024 by January 22, 2024, and take the first step towards amplifying your impact and driving meaningful change

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