Nanjing Government Scholarships 2023 at Nanjing University of Science & Technology (NJUST)

Nanjing Muncipal Government Scholarships 2023 (NMG-NJUST 2023)


All my student interested to study postgraduate degree for free at globally 531 ranked NJUST university (USNEWS) with monthly stipends, free of cost accommodation at 3 star University dormitory, health insurance package, and research fund can now avail this opportunity by applying for fully funded Nanjing Government Scholarships 2023-2024 at Nanjing University of Science & Technology (NJUST) in China.

What Can You Expect from Government of Nanjing Scholarships

As an international student if you win a fully funded scholarship of Nanjing Municipal government at Nanjing University of Science & Technology (NJUST) in 2023 then you will be given study for free at NJUST with stipend money paid to you on monthly basis (RMB 3000 to MS students, and RMB 3500 to Phd students), whereas your health insurance plan with free accommodation facility will also be provided.

Is there any Age limit to apply for Nanjing Gov Scholarship at NJUST?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about Nanjing Government scholarship which is offered at NJUST and i know you are also waiting to see the details of it so i am glad to tell you that you will stand eligible to apply for NJUST-NMG scholarships if your age is under 40 years for doctoral degree whereas 35 years of age for master degree.


Important of Acceptance Letter for NJUST-NMG Scholarship 2023

I think most of you are actually not familiar with acceptance letter so first let me tell you what it is. An acceptance letter is basically a document issued by the professor/faculty member of university where you are applying for admission or scholarship and this letter of acceptance is attached with your admission/scholarship application and then admission office reviews it and this tells them that you are welcomed by a faculty member of their university to start your research work and degree in their department and yes if you can obtain this letter of acceptance from any professor of NJUST university then your chances of winning a NMG scholarship 2023 will be highly increased but now the question is where to find email addresses of faculty members of NJUST university so for that please check these faculty websites of NJUST university departments to fetch that information whereas i also advise you can also review the list of approved subjects for postgraduate NMG scholarship.

How to Apply for NJUST-NMG Scholarships 2023?

So scholarship seekers this is your time to put together all required documents for NMG-NJUST Scholarship application and you will then be required to make scanned copies and two hard copies sets of your all documents which are study plan for MS, reseach proposal for Phd, English or China langauge proficiency cert, degrees and transcripts, passport page, acceptance letter from NJUST professor (Optional), your physical health examination report, your signed financial security form, non criminal certificate, and RMB 500 application fees submission receipt.


Once all of these above docuements are ready with you in scanned and hard copies format then i think you are completely ready to create a free online profile at NJUST admission portal and submit your NMG scholarship application but make sure you submit your application before the deadline of May 15, 2023.


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