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How to Apply for Career Pathway Programs at NASA in 2023?

Everyone can work for NASA because NASA is not just about astronauts because this US organization is also run by employees such as IT engineers, writers, finance experts, engineers, medical staff, HR specialists, scientists and researchers.

Therefore, NASA keeps announcing a large number of internships, pathway recruitment programs, graduate recruitment programs, contractual jobs, and permanent jobs and in this article you are going to find out which of the NASA’s recruitment program would be a good option for you to submit your job resume.

NASA Career Pathway Recruitment Programs

Before we get into the NASA’s mainstream jobs i would like to get your attention on NASA’s pathway programs which are basically designed for final year students and recent graduates to provide them an opportunity to obtain professional experience.

This way career pathway recruitment program appointees will get a chance to prove themselves as skilled employees so that NASA HR can hire them for their permanent job positions based on their performance in career pathways programs so lets discuss all of career pathway programs of NASA.

1- NASA Pathways Presidential Management Fellows (PMF)

I personally recommend presidential management fellows pathway program of NASA to those qualifying students and recent graduates having enrolled in any management related MS, PhD, or similar degree and all those job applicants will not be eligible for NASA-PMF program who have received their degrees for over 2 years.

I think you should also know the duration of PMF program of NASA which will be around 1 year and upon successful completion of it you may also receive an employment offer from NASA for a permanent job position or for a contractual job for up to six years; based on your performance in PMF.

2- NASA Pathway Intern Employment Program (IEP)

This is one of my favorite NASA career pathway program because this intern employment program (IEP) takes students from ground root level by providing them with NASA’s paid internship opportunities and help these students in exploring their career options.

If you want to apply for NASA’s IEP career pathway program in 2023 then make sure you are above 16 years of age, have grade point average of 2.9 or more in your enrolled bachelors degree, and you must commit to complete at least 640 hours of work before the end of your degree program.

If you manage to complete IEP program of NASA with your degree then HR department of NASA may also offer you a 6 year contractual employment, or enroll you in NASA’s recent graduate pathway program, or may even consider you for a permanent job at NASA.

3- NASA Recent Graduate Pathway Program (RGP)

If you have received your degree from University in last two years then you actually stand eligible for recent graduate pathway program (RGP) of NASA in 2023 which is one year long career development initiative for recent graduate appointees at NASA.

If you are wondering where to apply for recent graduate pathway program of NASA then you can submit an application for it at USAJOBS and can also have a look at open positions or NASA RGP here.

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