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Netherlands Work VISA 2023 – Check Your Eligibility

Applying for a Work VISA for Netherlands is no longer going to be a mystery since i’ve written this article to make things clear about if you need a work permit to work in Netherlands or which sort of Netherlands Work VISA you need to start legally working there.

To start working in Netherlands you may or may not require a Dutch work VISA but let’s figure out if you need this Netherlands work permit or not; depending upon the duration of your stay and your nationality. Employers in Netherlands are also allowed to hire internationally skilled workers but they need to elaborate to the government that they were not able to find a skilled worker from Netherlands or from EU which is why they had no choice but to hire a foreign skilled worker to do the job.

Netherlands VISA or Residence Permit as per Duration of Stay

If you are going to stay for a period of less than 90 days in Netherlands for work purposes then you need to apply for a Dutch work permit which is issued by Employee Insurance Agency (UWV). Whereas, if your stay in Netherlands for work purpose exceed 90 days (3 months) then you will need to apply for Netherlands Residence Permit along with authorization for temporary stay (MVV) VISA issued by government of Netherlands for the purpose of entering the Netherlands and then converting this entry VISA into a residence permit.

Countries Exempted from Obtaining a Dutch Work VISA

Switzerland nationals, EEA countries citizens and dutch citizens are completely exempted from the requirement of Netherlands Work VISAs (GVVA or TWV). However, citizens of all other countries are requested to obtain Netherlands work VISA as per their nationality and duration of stay to legally enter Netherlands and continue working there.

Netherlands Work Permit Types:

  • GVVA (combined residence and work permit) – Gecombineerde vergunning voor verblijf en arbeid
  • TWV (Netherlands work and residence permit) – Tewerkstellingsvergunning

GVVA is a work permit of Netherlands for the international skilled workers who plan to stay and work in Netherlands for less than 3 months and in comparison to that TWV is a combined residence and work permit to legally allow international workers to work in Netherlands.

Are You Exempted from Netherlands Work Permit?

There are some groups that do not require Netherlands work permit in order to start working there and among those these groups are exempted from Netherlands work VISA requirement and are allowed to find jobs there on asylum residence permit, businessmen interested to start a business in Netherlands on verblijfsvergunning start-up permit, self employed foreign workers holding verblijfsvergunning zelfstandig ondernemer, and skilled migrants.

So if you think it is easy for you to find a job in Netherlands and obtain a work/residence permit to legally start a job there then i suggest you to check application process of Netherlands work VISA and then gather all required documents and submit an application at Netherlands embassy.

For my those readers who are not single and have dependent family members with them and want to move to Netherlands on work/residence permit then please take note of this fact that your spouse and family members would also require a separate Netherlands partner VISA.

List of Documents Required for a Netherlands VISA in 2023:

You can start to make sure that you got all of the below listed documents ready to start your application submission process for Netherlands work VISA in 2023:

  1. Degree and diploma certificates
  2. Your nationality proof
  3. Marriage, divorce, or death certificates
  4. Unmarried status declaration certificate
  5. Proof of dutch/English language proficiency

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