New Canadian Jobs for Foreigners With Deadline in March 2024

Canada’s dynamic job market is set to welcome a diverse range of international talent in 2024, promising abundant opportunities across various sectors. If you’re an international job seeker dreaming of starting a new chapter in your career in Canada, navigating the process might seem daunting at first.

However, with the right guidance and resources, finding your place in the Canadian workforce can be a seamless journey. This blog post aims to provide you with a comprehensive roadmap to exploring job opportunities in Canada, emphasizing the importance of strategic planning and preparation.

Discovering Opportunities: The Destination Canada Job Forum

A pivotal first step in your job search is identifying platforms that connect job seekers with Canadian employers. The Destination Canada Job Forum, a virtual event scheduled for March 1 and 2, 2024, stands out as a prime opportunity.

March 2024 Job Opportunities in Canada for Foreigner Job Applicants

Canada’s job market is rich with opportunities for international job seekers in 2024. With its diverse economy and welcoming immigration policies, Canada is a top destination for professionals from around the world. This guide highlights key sectors and companies offering promising careers to help you embark on your Canadian job search journey.

Technology and Engineering

  • Google Canada: Google’s Canadian arm is on the lookout for talent across engineering, technology, sales, legal, and design fields. Explore the myriad opportunities at Google Careers to become part of a global leader pushing the frontiers of innovation.
  • ABB Canadian: ABB offers a chance to work in technology and engineering, contributing to societal and industrial transformation. Find your next challenge at ABB Careers.


  • P&H Farming: This Canadian family-owned agricultural company, with a history spanning over a century, is keen on hiring foreign workers to fill gaps in the farming sector. Check out Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited Careers for opportunities to contribute to Canada’s vital agricultural industry.

Finance and Banking

  • KPMG Canada: Specializing in auditing and tax advisory, KPMG Canada is looking for professionals to join their team. Visit KPMG Careers for more details on available positions.
  • Scotiabank: As one of Canada’s Big Five banks, Scotiabank offers roles in retail banking, technology, finance, and accounting. Discover the opportunities at Scotiabank Careers.

Telecommunications and Service

  • Bell Canada: For those interested in telecommunications and service-related roles, Bell Canada is the largest telecommunications company in the country. Explore Bell Canada Careers for current job openings.

Gaming Industry

  • EA Games in Canada: EA Games has a significant presence in Canada and is committed to diversity and inclusion at all levels of the company. Career opportunities can be explored at Electronic Arts Careers.

Manufacturing and Engineering

  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. (TMMC): TMMC offers roles in manufacturing and engineering in one of the automotive industry’s most innovative environments. Visit Toyota Careers for more information.

E-commerce and Technology

  • Shopify Inc: A leader in e-commerce, Shopify is looking for professionals in tech, e-commerce, product management, and more. Dive into Shopify Careers to find out how you can join their team.

Industrial Automation and Controls

  • Schneider Electric Canada Inc.: Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy management and automation, with various roles available in Canada. Check out Schneider Electric Careers for job listings.

Beverage Manufacturing and Distribution

  • Coca-Cola Canada: Coca-Cola offers roles in manufacturing, distribution, sales, and marketing. For career opportunities, visit Coca-Cola Canada Careers.

Unskilled Labor Opportunities in Canada

The Canadian job market also caters to unskilled labor, offering competitive wages across various sectors. Companies like Kimberly Clark highlight the demand for unskilled labor, with wages ranging significantly based on the role and location.

Healthcare and Personal Care in Canada

For internationally educated health professionals (IEHPs) looking to work in Canada, there are several pathways and support systems designed to facilitate your integration into the Canadian healthcare sector. Specifically, for those seeking opportunities with a deadline in March 2024, the Healthcare Job Fair in Vancouver presents a prime opportunity.

Scheduled for March 2, 2024, this event is touted as Canada’s premier recruitment event for medical, nursing, and allied health employment opportunities both domestically and internationally. The fair is unique to British Columbia, offering a platform for skilled professionals to meet with leading industry employers. Admission is free for jobseekers, making it an invaluable resource for IEHPs aiming to connect with potential employers in the healthcare sector.


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