New Zealand University of Otago Scholarships for International Students

For those who want to study for free in New Zealand in 2023 and are interested to prepare complete documents for submission of admission on New Zealand scholarships at University of Otago must read this post because you are going to explore a large range of University of Otago scholarships for the class of 2023.

List of Scholarships Available at University of Otago 2023

  1. New Zealand Government Manaaki scholarships
  2. Te Huarahi Pathway scholarships (Bachelors degree)
  3. Postgraduate Masters and PhD student scholarships

1- Manaaki Scholarships by New Zealand Government

If you want to enjoy a fully funded scholarship in New Zealand issued directly by the government of New Zealand then i recommend you to do your best to win Manaaki Scholarship which is a government funded grant for international students from developing countries.

You can check your eligibility for Manaaki NZ scholarship and in case if you are ineligible then you have time till January 2024 to make yourself eligible by fulfilling their requirements and i must mention that this NZ government scholarship provides complete funding for your education, monthly stipend disbursement, air tickets, residential facility, research expense, and health insurance and i hope after reading these benefits you will try your best to win this Manaaki scholarship at University of Otago.

2- Te Huarahi Pathway Scholarships

You may wonder why am i recommending you to apply for NZD$5000+ worth of Te Huarahi scholarship for pathway studies in New Zealand, so the reason is that this is an easy to win University of otago scholarship for preparatory studies to get successful in getting admission in undergraduate programmes at university of Otago whereas this Te Huarahi scholarship is available to both local New Zealand citizen students and even for international students.

If you manage to win this NZD scholarship at university of Otago then upon getting admission there you may also automatically qualify for entrance scholarship of University of Otago.

3- Masters and PhD Scholarships at University of Otago

There are three types of postgrad scholarships available at University of Otago which are master degree course work scholarships of worth NZD$10k, masters degree research work scholarships of worth NZD$17,172, and PhD scholarships of worth NZD$30,696.

1- Master degree (Course work) scholarships of University of Otago are available to local NZD as well as international students interested to complete theory based MS degree and for this you first have to contact faculty members of your subject related department to obtain an acceptance letter which then will be submitted with your admission application to University of Otago whereby your chosen faculty must also nominate you to admission office.

2- Master degree (Research Work) scholarships of University of Otago are also fully funded scholarships issued by international graduate school of university of Otago to both local and international students who want to publish academic research papers in top scientific journals by carrying out experimental research work and this type of scholarship ranges from NZD $17k-$31k depending upon the type of research being done and with that you may also expect to receive research funds from your faculty or department or from your professor.

3- University of Otago PhD Scholarships are available to all students who have proven track record of their research publications in high impact factor journals or have patents on their names with extra ordinary scores in their bachelors and master degrees.

You can apply for a PhD Scholarship of worth NZD$30k+ online at University of Otago but an additional document required for your application submission would be a research proposal where you have to propose a research project with required funding, feasibility, and its expected outcomes with novelty in highlights to get the attention of faculty members of this university.

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