Norway Mobility Grant Scholarships 2024 for MS, and PhD Students


The Mobility Grant for Norwegian Language, Literature, and Culture 2024 is a financial aid program designed to support Master and Ph.D. students from outside Norway, enabling them to conduct fieldwork at Norwegian universities or research institutes. Tailored for scholars in Nordic/Scandinavian studies, it offers a unique opportunity to delve into Norwegian culture, literature, or language, covering travel and subsistence costs for one to three months of study in Norway.

So are you immersed in the fascinating world of Norwegian language, literature, or culture at a Master or Ph.D. level? The Mobility Grant Norway 2024 is your golden ticket to deepen your research and understanding.

Mobility Grant Essentials: What You Need to Know

Administered by: The Norwegian Directorate of Higher Education and Skills (HK-dir), this grant facilitates one to three months of fieldwork, covering subsistence and travel costs to Norway, ensuring a focus on academic enrichment without the financial strain.


Mobility Grant Coverage

  • Travel Stipend: Ranges from NOK 3,000 for European travel to NOK 6,000 for journeys from outside Europe.
  • Residence Stipend: Monthly NOK 12,500 for 2023-2024, aligned with The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund rates, supporting one to three months’ stay.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to Master’s and Ph.D. students at institutions outside Norway, with a department for Nordic/Scandinavian studies.
  • Your thesis or dissertation must revolve around Norwegian language, literature, or culture.
  • Applications from students outside these departments may also be considered, based on a clear focus on Norwegian studies and fund availability.

How to Apply?

  1. Guidelines: Download and review the guidelines available in English and Norwegian (both bokmål and nynorsk versions).
  2. Project Description: Prepare a detailed description and secure a guiding lecturer/researcher in Norway.
  3. Support Letters: Obtain a letter of support from your home institution and an invitation from your host in Norway.
  4. Online Application: Fill out the Espresso form, attaching a recommendation letter, a personal invitation from the Norwegian institution, and a copy of your passport.

Selection Process

Applications undergo a thorough assessment by HK-dir and the Program Committee for Norwegian Studies Abroad, focusing on the project’s relevance, design, and implementation. The outcome will be communicated by late April 2024.


Application Deadline: The last date to submit an application for Norway Mobility Grant Scholarship is March 18, 2024, by 12:00 Norwegian time.


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