Singapore International Graduate Award 2024 Scholarship: Application Deadline June 1, 2023

If you want to study for free in Singapore then do not waste time and get your application documents ready because application deadline for Singapore International Graduate Award scholarships is now June 1, 2023. You must know that SINGA awards 2024 scholarships are co-sponsored by Agency for Science, Technology & Research (A*STAR), National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore Management University (SMU), Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), and Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Subjects offered on SINGA Award 2024

As per my research all international students of disciplines physical sciences, biomedical sciences, engineering and technology, computing and information sciences can submit an application for this Singaporean SINGA award scholarship program. And if you are interested to find out which professors, and faculty members will be supervising your degree projects in Singapore under SINGA awards then you need to check A*Star research labs and projects list to find a best option for yourself.

Do you stand eligible for SINGA Scholarship 2024?

Please pay attention to this section which is going to be a decider for you to apply for SINGA awards 2024 or not. So all international students who never entered/stayed in Singapore ever for studies purpose are eligible to apply for SINGA award Scholarships but if their qualifications are as per the subject/degree chosen by them and their English language proficiency is up to the mark but if you are a Singaporean national or have studied in Singapore before then you are actually not eligible to apply for SINGA awards program.

Are you Interested to Know Funding Package of Singa Awards?

I know this section is going to motivate you to apply for this scholarship of Singapore because SINGA award is paying way too much as you can expect actually. You must know that the winners of Singa awards will be entitled for a free education in Singaporean University whereas those students will also be paid stipend of S$2,200-S$2,700 on monthly basis while the cost of S$1500 for air travel and S$1000 for one time settlement allowance will also be disbursed in SINGA scholars bank accounts.

Application Process of SINGA Awards 2024

Now i am going to provide you a step by step guidance on how you can submit an application for Singapore graduate award scholarship 2024. Your first task would be to find a research project at any of these affiliated Singapore’s A*Star research institutes NTU research centers, SCIS research labs, NUS research schools, and SUTD pillars research laboratories.

Once you have shortlisted the research project at any of the above mentioned Singaporean research institutes then in next step please make a scanned set of these application documents 2 original recommendation letters, passport, SAT/IELTS/GATE/TOFEL test results, your recent picture, research proposal, bachelors/masters degrees and transcripts and then submit an online application at SINGA award application portal.

I also want to throw some light on significance of writing a good research proposal for SINGA award scholarship program because all the applications will be closely checked as per the research project proposed in reseach  proposals of applicants so please take your time and write a convincing research proposal to stay ahead of competition for Singaporean scholarship 2024.

Application Deadline for SINGA Awards: June 1, 2023

Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) scholarship application deadline for all international students for all research projects at all research institutes is June 1, 2023 which means you got just a few months to apply for this highly paid Singaporean scholarship.

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