Slovak Government National Scholarship Program 2024

The Slovak Government’s National Scholarship Programme (NSP) for 2024 presents an incredible opportunity for international students, PhD candidates, university teachers, researchers, and artists looking to expand their academic and professional horizons in Slovakia. Established in 2005 and funded by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sport of the Slovak Republic, this initiative aims to support the mobility of talented individuals from around the world to Slovak higher education institutions and research organizations.

Sponsorship of NSP

The NSP offers substantial financial assistance:

  • For Students: Monthly allowance of 620 EUR.
  • For PhD Students: Monthly allowance of 1025.50 EUR.
  • For Academics and Artists: Monthly allowances ranging from 1025.50 EUR to 1470 EUR, based on qualifications and experience.

These scholarships aim to cover living expenses in Slovakia. Additionally, international scholarship holders can seek assistance for accommodation and related formalities either through their host institutions or independently. Besides the scholarship, students and PhD students can apply for a travel grant. The amount varies based on the distance between the applicant’s residence and the Slovak institution, ranging from 50 EUR to 1500 EUR.

Eligibility and Scope of NSP 2024

The NSP caters to:

    • Students: University students outside Slovakia, enrolled in master’s programs or equivalent, with at least 2.5 years of completed study, eligible for 1-2 semester-long stays.
    • PhD Students: Those engaged in higher education or scientific training outside Slovakia, eligible for 1-10 month-long stays.
    • University Teachers, Researchers, Artists: International academics and artists invited for teaching, research, or artistic stays in Slovakia, eligible for 1-10 month-long stays.

NSP Application Process

Applications should be submitted online at It’s recommended to apply well before the deadline to avoid last-minute system overloads. Required documents vary based on the applicant category but generally include a CV, motivation letter, detailed study/research plan, and relevant confirmations or invitation letters from Slovak institutions.

Selection Criteria:

Selection is based on the applicant’s quality, proposed stay’s content and necessity, and NSP budget availability. It encompasses a comprehensive evaluation of the applicant’s professional background, the significance of their proposed project, and overall application quality.

NSP 2024 Application Deadline

Applications must be submitted by 30 April 2024 at 16.00 CET:

Scholarship Grant Conditions:

Scholarships are disbursed monthly and subject to various conditions, including submission of relevant documents, compliance with the approved program of stay, and cooperation in monitoring and verification processes.

For more information, prospective applicants can contact the program administrators at [email protected] or [email protected].

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