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How to get Student Visa in Munich Germany?


When you have decided to study abroad, make sure you grab two treasured things. First, the education from high-ranked institutions in world and secondly, the hands-on experience from libraries and research institutions, offering the best knowledge in the world.

Munich was a capital of Bavarian also recognized as “Home of the Monks”. The city is praised for its royal medieval time architecture depicted by its buildings and different masterpieces in the Rocco and Baroque styles. Moreover, it attracts people from all around the world because of its calm environment and the old medieval view it provides.

However, most of the buildings in Munich were destroyed during World War 2. Anyhow, the process of their restoration has continued since then making the electrifying spirit of the city alive. Apart from this, the museums are also maintained in city having all ancient artifacts, giving the tourists and historians to mesmerize themselves and learn about new things.


Munich’s significant economic development has rich history when it was an important marketplace. Later on, Munich sustained with the manufacturing of different products such as electrical and optical and appliances, precision instruments, aerospace products, food, clothing, cosmetics, etc. Moreover, the city also hosts many fairs and exhibitions where people showcase their work and earn money. Apart from this, Munich is also known for Book printing and publishing and is also the center of the financial and banking industry.

Additionally, Munich also provides its visitors with the inspiring views of landscapes and nature making it worth visiting. Moreover, if you want to have peace of mind in city you can always visit Isar River, different parks and places to see Alps mountain ridges. Apart from this, you can always enjoy the city view by riding a bike through the city making yourself relax.


Universities in Munich Germany

The universities in city of Munich are top-ranked universities. These universities are also the winners of the excellence awards which are held Germany annually. Moreover, International students are attracted to Munich because of its free education and the possibility for them to attend classes in English language.

  • Munich University

Munich University has 18 faculties offering a wide range of courses in 150 subjects. These subjects range from law, economics, Cultural Sciences & Humanities, Medicine, Social studies and many others. Moreover, the university provides excellent research opportunities to the students making them excel in their respective fields of study.

  • Munich Technical University

The university has 13 faculties offering different courses. Such as Natural Sciences, Maths, Architecture and Engineering, Health Sciences, Life Sciences, medicine, Economics, and many others.

  • Applied Science University of Munich

It offers many subjects to students through its 14 departments. These subjects include Aeronautical, Automotive and Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Technology, Design, Geoinformatics, etc.

Requirements for Bachelor & Masters degree in Munich Universities Germany

There are certain requirements to get a bachelor or masters degree in Munich for international students, which are listed as follows

  • Provide proof of entrance Qualification.
  • Provide language proficiency proof.
  • You must have the blocked account.
  • Find out the admission criteria of universities in Munich.
  • Enroll in a University situated in Munich.
  • Get a student visa.
  • Get health insurance.

Opportunities for Postgraduate students in Munich City Germany 

Munich is the biggest city in the Germany, but it still holds the unique feeling of village and is known as “million citizens village”. This is because you can always find the atmosphere in city with lush green trees and cobbled alleyways with outdoor spaces where citizens spend their afternoons drinking coffee or beer.

The city is ideal for a post-graduate course. Moreover, it is clean and safe providing the students with a great atmosphere to live. Additionally, Munich provides the students with great opportunities in science and research as it has top-ranked universities providing a great research environment.


You can take a postgraduate course in one of the following universities in Munich.

  • Munich Business School
  • Munich University
  • Munich Applied Sciences University
  • Technical University of Munich (TUM)
  • Bundeswehr University Munich

Furthermore, the city is home to many research institutes and one of them is the Max Plank Society. It has its headquarters situated in city.

Munich graduate programs  are of the two years duration. However, the PhD. and research programs are for three years. Moreover, many postgraduate programs are educated in German, but some international programs are also taught in English. So whatever course you choose, you have to prove language proficiency or need to take DSH Examination.


Why Should I get degree from Munich Germany?

There are various reasons to get a degree from Munich. Whether you are wanting to earn a bachelor’s degree or a master’s/PhD. degree, the city provides you with many institutes that can make your dream come true. Every year many people fly to Munich and they never get disappointed because of the great quality education and research environment the city provides.

Munich universities and colleges are recognised for their quality education and teaching excellence. All schools in Germany are modern in functionality and technology paying distinct attention to medicine, Engineering, Economics and science as they are the popular courses in country.

Moreover, the attending cost of a college or university in the Munich is very low as compared to colleges and universities in the world. Additionally, the universities in Munich also provide scholarships and other financial aids to the students helping them to pursue their education with ease.

However, another motive to learn in Munich for many international students is to explore the beautiful city. As a student, you can study in night or day and can explore the city in free hours. There’re many things to do in Munich to get away with the boredom, for example, exploring the culture of the city as Munich is very rich in it.

Furthermore, the living cost in city of Munich is very affordable. As a student, you can always work part-time while studying at the university to make some extra bucks. Apart from this, the rent costs are low especially if you’re renting the student dormitory. Moreover, utilities bills and other things are also reasonably priced.

What are the Earning Sources For a Student in Munich?

As a student, studying in one of the universities in Munich you may want to work part-time or full time to cover your living costs. Munich is not an expensive city but earning some bucks while studying can help you a lot to manage your expenses.

There’re employers in the Munich who hire students to do part-time work. Moreover, there’re also many industries in Munich offering jobs to the students. However, the students mostly like to work for catering or retail.

As an international student, you have a lot of opportunities in Munich to work with the continuation of your studies without any limitations. However, if you belong to a non- European country then you are limited to work only 180 days a year. Because of these restrictions, most of the students choose to work during the summer breaks or on weekends.

If  you’re following all the rules you will have no legal problems. However, if you want to work more then you have to take permission from the respective department. Apart from this, make sure you have got a CV ready to submit for different jobs before you start looking for one. Moreover, you should be in city while applying for work as most of the employers want to have an interview that is in-person.

However, if you’re a graduate and coming to Munich for work then you should not stress about getting a job. Munich provides many opportunities for skilled persons. However, just make sure that your CV is updated all the time.

What Is the Living cost in Munich City Germany?

Munich is cheap city, but the cost of living depends upon you that how you manage expenses. Among largest cities in Germany it attracts people from all over the world. Students come to Munich to have the best quality education at affordable prices. Moreover, students are also well paid for part-time work by which they can manage their finances.

If you want to treat yourself a delicious meal at a restaurant then it is 10€ only. However, two-person three course dinner in a restaurant can cost you up to 50€. Moreover, a local 0.5L beer un a bar costs 3.5€ which is expensive if compare to the same amount of beer bought from the market. Lastly, the coffee and water bottle costs 2.70€ and 2.15€ only.

So, if you cook at home and make your daily meals then, of course, you can save a lot of money. As the prices of basic food items are very low then eating a meal at the restaurant.

The following are the process of some of the basic food items.

  • Eggs (12) – 2€
  • 1 litre Milk – 0.74€
  • Bread (400g) – 1.29€
  • Vegetables & Fruit range from 2€ to 3€
  • Local Cheese (1kg) – 8€
  • Bottled beer of 0.4l – 0.99€
  • Bottled water 1.5l – 0.35€
  • Wine bottle – 7€
  • 1 Marlboro pack- 5.50€.


When it comes to the accommodation costs then Munich is affordable, but the prices vary in city center and peripheral areas. One-bedroom apartments in city center cost 950-1000€. But if you want to have same apartment in the peripheral area then you may get accommodation at a lower cost such as 750-800€.

However, if you want to save money and are good at sharing your place with other people then you can have apartment of 3-bedrooms at 1900-2000€ in city center. But if you rent the same apartment out of city center then it will cost you less for 1460-1500€. So, by sharing the place you can save a lot of money as you also have to pay the utility bills for electricity, garbage, water, and heating which will cost nearly 250€ a month. Moreover, if you want to have an internet connection then it will cost you 23€ for 10Mbps speed.

Transportation costs are also affordable in Munich. You can easily get a regular pass in 64€ and can travel to the city. One-way permit may cost you 2.70€. Moreover, monthly membership for fitness centers in Munich costs 37€ monthly. Apart from this, fun activities don’t cost you much if you do them rarely, for example, watching a movie at the cinema at 10€ only.

When it comes to clothing it all depends upon your preferences. There are chain stores in Munich which are cheaper such as H&M and Zara in which clothes prices fluctuate between 20-50€. However, if you buy things from the high brands then you may have to pay 100€ for pair.

Accommodation & Housing in Munich

Munich has wide range of options when it comes to accommodation. There are places for students only at cheap rates with other housing options. So, it is necessary that you must look various options while making a decision about renting a place to live.

Most of the Munich students share their apartments with others which reduces the expenses greatly. Moreover, it also helps them to feel familiar with different people as they are in city which is far away from home. Additionally, roommates share the burden of utility bills and build never-ending friendships with one another.

You can always choose an apartment of your own to rent, as of course, it all depends upon your budget. But always keep this in mind, finding accommodation by yourself in Munich is quite difficult. However, if you manage to discover a place to rent, then on average it will cost you around €300- €600 monthly subtracting the expenses of utility bills.

The most affordable option for students to rent is the on-site houses. This is also beneficial in a way that you will be in close proximity to the campus and have friends around you to make memories.

Apart from this, the hotels that’re long-term are also a very good choice for housing. However, if you have difficulty to find a place to rent then this can be the best option. Moreover, they offer you the studio apartments so that you have home feeling. They have a bedroom, living areas and kitchenettes available. But these places, of course, cost you more money than a similar apartment rent. The best thing about renting a long-term hotel is that you don’t have to worry about different things as everything is provided under one package.

Book Cheap Hotels Before you Reach Munich

You should start looking for housing before you fly to Munich. As it is difficult to get a housing place at once. Moreover, you also have to look for different housing options available according to your budget. However, there are different websites available from which you can get all the information about the hotels and other housing places prices and can certainly book them.

Never take chances while renting a place for living. Never hesitate to make calls to inquire about the housing places. And always remember, you can switch your accommodation place depending upon your preferences.

Places to see & explore in Germany Munich

There’re many places in Munich you can see or explore which are mentioned as follows

  • The University Library
  • Mary’s Bridge
  • The Neuschwanstein
  • The Rathaus Glockenspiel
  • Propylaen
    • It is a magnificent gateway
  • Sculpture Gallery
    • It has both modern and ancient sculpture
  • The Pinakothek
    • It’s the Europe’s finest art museum having paintings collections from the 14th and 17th centuries. Moreover, it also hosts treasures of art from Wittelsbach family. Additionally, it also has Renaissance painting collections by Dutch & German artists like Peter Paul, Anthony Van, Albrecht Dürer.
  • New Pinakothek
    • It has 19th and 20th-century masterpieces.
  • Isar River Deutsches Museum
    • It’s a museum of technology, science, and engineering, with notable small art galleries and a library.
  • The Bavarian National Museum
    • It has the collections of applied art and German art since the Middle Ages.
  • Three gates of town: Sendlinger, Karls,and Isar which are 14th century old.

Things that can be done in Munich Germany

There’re many things to do while being in Munich such as

  • Munich Philharmonic
  • The Kultfabrik
  • Schwabing Munchener Freiheit
  • The Optimolwer
  • Check renown Bavarian Pretzel
  • Neuschwanstein
  • In Schweinshaxe enjoy the deliciousness which is presented in the interesting way.
  • Check out the Sauerkraut.
  • Enjoy the opera in Bavarian State Opera Company as opera is very much the center of music in Munich.
  • Visit the Bavarian State Dramatic Company for different memorable performances.
  • Try Spaetzle which is a ‘noodle’.

There are different bars and clubs in Munich to enjoy the nightlife. If you’re a music lover, then you can enjoy music at Munchener Freiheit which provides you with variety of music to listen and enjoy.

Munich is known for hosting the largest beer gardens in Germany. Moreover, they are also known for hosting an Oktoberfest which is annual festival of beer. Every year, millions of people gather in Munich to attend this festival. In addition to this, you can visit the largest fruit, vegetable and animal market in Europe.

Moreover, you can visit the medieval villages and cities in Germany from Munich as transportation is cheap. You can take benefit of easy rail travel and can visit Switzerland, Austria, Italy, and France.

Transportation Facilities in Munich City

If you don’t have your personal vehicle then it can be a headache for you to travel from one place to another. However, luckily Munich has a very good system of public transportation helping its citizens to move around in city.

The most used transportation system in Munich is the underground system as it’s very convenient. It is always available at a low cost. Moreover, it’s available on every route throughout city and near all universities. So, whenever you are in Munich never forget to look into transportation system that is underground.

Another possibility is rental cars with which you can travel around the city. In Munich, monthly and weekly rental cars are available at different rates. These rates may vary a lot because of the models of cars and variety of styles. However, this can be very expensive for you.

Hiring a bike is another option you have while being in Munich. You can always rent a bike and go to the university, supermarket exploring city as you go to your journey’s end. Biking is quite affordable and popular in Munich as most of people prefer doing it. Apart from this, you can always walk to the desired destination. This helps to explore the city more.

Apart from this, taxi is always available in city, but they can be expensive. Realistically, they cost you more than rental cars but are good for outings late-night and quick trips. As the taxis charge fee per meter which is convenient when you have to travel a short distance.

International students who come to Munich use different forms of transportation to travel around the city. This is also something you might also want to do. So before coming to Munich, you must have information about every transportation, so you don’t have any difficulty upon arriving.

Opportunities in Munich to Learn German language

Munich offers a variety of options to learn the German language to foreign people. German is a pleasant language and its exciting and enjoyable to be around the people who can speak it. Moreover, you can always impress people back home with your German language skills.

There’re many institutions in Munich that offer German language courses at very affordable rates. It is very much possible that you can take these courses part-time with your studies and learn the German language efficiently.

German is easy to learn. Moreover, it is easier to learn when you’re an environment where everyone is using it efficiently on regular basis. However, learning German while studying another degree is itself a reason for many people to gain degrees Germany.

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