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Working in Hamburg on German Student VISA

Is it legal to work in Germany on Student VISA?

Germany offers free education to all of its international students but still, some students want to earn extra cash while studying at a German University. You may be inquiring about if it is legal to work on a German Student VISA? Then this article will answer your question. Also, we have unfolded the key facts that will help students to find jobs while studying in Hamburg, Germany. And if you are still considering to take admission to German University then it worth mentioning that Germany offers fully-funded scholarships such as DAAD Scholarships to international students that will cover educational expenses with monthly living allowances as well, that may motivate you to study in Germany.

Studying and Working in Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is home to various Top German Universities. If you have made a decision of studying in Hamburg and also want to do a job while studying there, then there are things you need to know.

Can you work full-time while on Student VISA in Germany?

Firstly, you need to have a legal student visa and secondly, there are some restrictions for students to work on German Study VISA. Students from some countries are not allowed to work full time but few countries are on the exception list. Moreover, the requirements for working in Hamburg vary depending on the country of your origin. 

If you are a resident of group 1 countries, then you don’t need to worry about getting an additional German work permit as you can work full time.

Group 1 countries include: Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Cyprus, Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, and United Kingdom.

What is the hour limit of a job on German Student VISA?

If you are working more than 20 hours a week while on a German Study VISA, then you have to keep in mind that you have to pay for social security funds. However, if you are a citizen of Romania or Bulgaria then you are considered to be a member of Group 2 country. Rules of Group 1 countries for German hourly work limits were applied to these citizens in 2014 but now they have to follow the rules for Group 3 which are as follows. 

  • Group 3 contains all the countries which do not come under Group 1.
  • You can work only 120 full days or 240 half days in the whole year. 
  • For working more, you need to have a work permit from the Aliens’ Registration Office and Federal Employment Agency.  

So, after getting a German study and work permit you need to consider what kind of job you can do in Hamburg.

What job options are available for students in Hamburg?

Luckily, Hamburg provides a variety of options when it comes to jobs. Firstly, always consider having a job at the university campus where you are studying. There are always secretarial work type jobs in the department which you can get very easily. Moreover, you can also work in the library or other university institutions. 

Apart from these jobs, students work as waiters or waitresses in clubs, café, pubs, and bars. Moreover, cleaning, copying, babysitting, cycle couriering, delivery, and many other jobs are also available in Hamburg which you can find via the internet or newspapers. Additionally, always make sure to check the notice boards in libraries, supermarkets, and universities as they have information about a job opening. However, office jobs, promotional assistant jobs, and waiting jobs are very popular in Hamburg and easy to find.

Student job Pay rates depend upon the type of your position, the number of hours you are working and the industry in which you are working. However, Hamburg is one of those cities in Germany which offers high pay rates. Whereas, the living cost of Hamburg is also on the high side. The average rate per hour anywhere is five to ten euros in Hamburg. However, the employee at the supermarket gets six euros per hour whereas office work can pay you up to 10 euros per hour. 

So, the decision of doing a job in Hamburg for students is a great one, which you have to take wisely. As the cost of living is high in Hamburg and earning extra money can make a lot of difference. 

Can you get a job if you can’t speak the German Language?

Well, the answer to this question is “Yes”, but you have to find a job in Germany that requires an English speaking employe. The high ratio of jobs available in German requires German language skills because a large ratio of German people won’t be able to understand English.

How to learn the German Language in Hamburg?

Learning German in Hamburg is not difficult as the city provides a variety of options to study the German Language. You can learn German in two ways firstly, by taking group courses with others who are already learning the language and secondly, by tandem partnering.

Students can take group courses all over Hamburg. Universities, Goethe institutes, and language schools all offer group courses that can be taken with your degree program. 

Apart from group courses, you can also learn German by taking intensive language courses. Several universities in Hamburg offer language courses during the summer break to make students learn German quickly. Moreover, these courses are designed for students to make strides in some weeks and include lessons that will introduce you to the culture and country of Germany.


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