Types of Cover Letters for CV Submissions Worldwide

Greetings, globetrotting job seekers! If you’re tired of your cover letter sounding like a robotic recitation of your resume, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re embarking on a whirlwind tour of cover letter styles across different continents, uncovering the cultural nuances and quirks that make each region unique.

We’ll also dive into different types of cover letters and what NOT to include, no matter where you’re applying. Buckle up, because this is going to be a wild ride!

Types of Cover Letters to Suit Your Journey

  • Traditional Cover Letter: The classic, formal approach. Perfect for conservative industries or when you want to emphasize your professionalism.
  • Modern Cover Letter: A fresher, more concise style, often using bullet points and bolder formatting. Ideal for showcasing your skills in a visually appealing way.
  • Cold Contact Cover Letter (Letter of Interest): Used when you’re reaching out to a company that isn’t actively hiring. Shows initiative and genuine interest.
  • Referral Cover Letter: Name-dropping done right! Mentioning a mutual contact can open doors and grab attention.
  • Creative Cover Letter: Think outside the box! Use storytelling, humor, or unique formatting to showcase your personality (best for creative fields).
  • Email Cover Letter: Concise and to-the-point, perfect for online applications. Make sure your subject line is attention-grabbing!
  • Pain Letter (Problem-Solving Letter): Focuses on how you can solve the company’s specific problems. A strategic approach that demonstrates your value.

What NOT to Include in ANY Cover Letter?

  • Generic Statements: Avoid clichés like “hard worker” or “team player.” Show, don’t tell!
  • Negative Information: Don’t badmouth former employers or dwell on past failures. Keep it positive.
  • Personal Information: Unless directly relevant to the job (e.g., nationality for a visa), keep it professional.
  • Excuses: If you have gaps in your resume, address them briefly and focus on what you learned or achieved during that time.
  • Salary Expectations: Wait until later in the process to discuss compensation.
  • Typos or Grammatical Errors: Proofread meticulously! A sloppy letter is an instant turn-off.

Now, Let’s Travel the World of Cover Letter Styles!

1# North America: The Land of the Bold and the Bullet Points

In the land of the free and the home of the brave, cover letters are all about showcasing your accomplishments and getting straight to the point. Bullet points are your best friend here, making your achievements pop.

2# Europe: The Art of Understated Elegance

Across the pond, cover letters take on a more refined and subtle approach. It’s less about bragging and more about demonstrating your qualifications with a touch of British politeness.

3# Asia: Where Humility Meets Harmony

In the vast and diverse continent of Asia, cover letters are a delicate dance between showcasing your skills and maintaining humility. It’s about demonstrating how your individual strengths can contribute to the collective success of the company.

4# Africa: A Tapestry of Tradition and Modernity

In the vibrant continent of Africa, cover letters are a blend of traditional values and modern aspirations. They often include detailed information about your qualifications, references, and even your cultural background.

5# Latin America: The Passionate Plea for Opportunity

In the sun-kissed lands of Latin America, cover letters are infused with warmth, enthusiasm, and a touch of personal flair.

6# Australia: The Laid-Back Approach with a G’day Mate!

Down under, cover letters are as relaxed and easygoing as a day at the beach. While professionalism is still important, there’s more room for personality and a casual tone.

Remember, your cover letter is your chance to make a memorable first impression. By understanding the cultural nuances of different regions AND choosing the right type of cover letter, you can craft one that resonates with hiring managers and sets you apart from the competition. So go forth and conquer the global job market, one perfectly tailored cover letter at a time!


Dr. Philip Morgan

(Associate Editor) Dr. Philip Morgan is a postdoctoral fellow and lead author at He earned his Master's and Ph.D. from Stanford before pursuing research in the U.S. on a Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship. Leveraging his diverse academic background, Dr. Morgan creates informative articles on scholarships, internships, and fellowships for international students. His expertise and passion empower students to achieve their academic goals through international education opportunities.

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