USA Occupations Offering Over $100k Salary in 2024 (Highest Paid Jobs List)

In 2024, the quest for high-paying jobs in the United States continues to gain momentum. With an evolving job market, certain occupations have surged ahead, offering impressive salaries well over the $100k mark. This article delves into these lucrative careers, spanning those requiring advanced degrees to roles accessible with a bachelor’s degree.

Additionally, we’ll touch upon the skill shortages in various sectors, making these roles not only well-compensated but also in high demand.

High-Paying Occupations Requiring Advanced Degrees in USA 2024

Health and Law

    • Physicians and Surgeons: At the forefront, with a median salary of $208,000, these professionals are essential in healthcare.
    • Anesthesiologists: Specializing in perioperative care, they earn a median of $261,530.
    • Dentists: Offering oral health services, their median salary stands at $180,470.
    • Podiatrists: Focusing on foot and ankle health, earning $129,060 on average.
    • Pharmacists: With a vital role in medication management, their median salary is $128,970.
    • Attorneys: The legal field continues to thrive with a median salary of $127,000.

Tech and Analytics

    • Software Developers and Programmers: The backbone of the tech industry, earning $107,510 median salary.
    • Data Scientists and Statisticians: Key players in data-driven decision-making, with $106,900 median earnings.
    • Management Analysts: Essential for organizational efficiency, earning $106,370.
    • Actuaries: Experts in risk assessment, with a median salary of $105,550.

Lucrative Roles with a Bachelor’s Degree Earning Over $100k

Engineering and Management Occupations:

    • Petroleum Engineers: Earning $137,330, they are pivotal in energy sectors.
    • Computer and Information Systems Managers: With a median salary of $151,150, they are integral to IT management.
    • Financial Managers: Overseeing financial health, they earn $134,180.
    • Marketing Managers: Steering marketing strategies with a $141,490 median salary.
    • Sales Managers: Earning $132,290, they drive sales strategies.
    • Compensation and Benefits Managers: Key in HR, with $125,130 median earnings.
    • Human Resources Managers: Overseeing HR policies, earning $121,220.
    • Airline and Commercial Pilots: Navigating the skies for $130,440.
    • Architectural and Engineering Managers: Leading projects with a $149,530 salary.
    • Natural Sciences Managers: Orchestrating scientific research, earning $137,940.

List of Skill Shortages in High-Paying Jobs in USA in 2024

The following occupations also come under the skill shortage category in the USA for which overseas qualified and skilled workers are hired on US work visas.

Private Sector Occupations Earning Over 100k

    • Cybersecurity Professionals: With cyber threats escalating, experts in this field are in high demand, earning upwards of $150,000.
    • AI Specialists: Commanding over $200,000, their expertise is crucial across various industries.
    • Data Scientists and Statisticians: Essential for data interpretation, with potential salaries exceeding their median of $106,900.
    • Physician Assistants (PAs): With a shortage of physicians, PAs are becoming increasingly vital, earning an average of $119,410.
    • Skilled Trades: Electricians and plumbers, for instance, have high earning potential with median salaries around $59,150 and $56,330 respectively.

Government Sector Occupations Earning Over 100k

    • Information Security Analysts: Protecting critical government infrastructure, these roles can surpass $100,000.
    • Medical Professionals: Nurses and PAs in government roles, particularly in underserved areas, are offered competitive salaries.
    • STEM Professionals: Specialized roles in STEM fields in government agencies often exceed $100,000.


Pursuing a career in these high-paying fields can be both financially rewarding and fulfilling. However, it requires dedication, training, and an ability to adapt to new technologies and market demands. For those interested in exploring these career paths further, resources like the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Indeed, Glassdoor, PayScale, and FlexJobs offer valuable information and job market insights.

Remember, the landscape of high-paying jobs is ever-changing, and staying informed is key to navigating your career path successfully. Whether you’re aiming for a role in healthcare, technology, management, or government, there’s a wealth of opportunities awaiting those with the right skill set in 2024.


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  • Glassdoor: Offers an inside look at jobs and companies with anonymous reviews and salary data from employees and employers. Website: Glassdoor
  • PayScale: Provides information on job market trends, salary benchmarks, and career advice. Ideal for personalized salary reports based on job title, location, experience, and education. Website: PayScale
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