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Australia Skilled Worker VISA 2023 – Types, Eligibility, and Process

If you are a skilled worker and have desire to move out of your country to earn higher salary using your skill then you need to search for those countries where there is skilled worker shortage so you can fill in those gaps and obtain permanent immigration from that country.

In this aspect today i am going to share with you an opportunity which can be utilized to obtain Australian PR by filling Australia’s skill shortage jobs and for that all you need is to have high level of proficiency in skills, English language, and willingness to move to Australia.

Types of Australian Skilled Worker VISA in 2023

You will be excited to know Australian skilled worker VISA program comes under general skilled migration program where international workers are issued several types of Australian skilled worker VISA depending upon their situations of being independent skilled worker, state/employer sponsored worker, or family sponsored worker.

With that Australia also offer temporary skill shortage worker VISA depending upon if certain skilled workers are in high need at those times therefore just in case if your occupation is not in the list of approved skilled worker visa occupation list then you can search your profession through Australian immigration occupation search system to see if they are providing any temporary skilled worker visa for your profession or not and now lets discuss most common skilled worker VISA’s of Australia:

1- Australian Skilled Independent VISA 189

I advise all my job seeker friends to please apply for this Australian 189 VISA type issued to independent skilled workers who want to work at any part of Australia independently and let me tell you that this Australian skilled independent VISA is basically a permanent VISA which means you are not required to renew it and you can work, live and travel in Australia for indefinite period of time. And the benefits of having Australian skilled worker VISA do not just end here because if you manage to get this 189 VISA then you will also be able to sponsor your close relatives to help them in their work VISA process for Australia.

2- Australian Skilled Nominated VISA 190

You need to know that this specific Australian visa is issued to those skilled workers which are hired directly by Australian federal or provincial governments and if you are wondering from where you can look for Australian government jobs then there is a jobs board page for that purpose where latest Australian state jobs are posted and you can apply online directly from there. If you manage to get a job in Australian government on quota of skilled worker then you will be given an Australian skilled nominated visa 190 which is points based permanent VISA for Australia with a minimum eligibility score of 65.

3- Australian Regional Skilled Worker (Provincial) VISA 491

My friends now is the time to tell you about 491 Australian skilled worker VISA which are issued to highly skilled international workers who get sponsorship from their eligible relatives in Australia, or by territory Australian government for a maximum validity of 5 years to work in specific Australian regions only. You can actually stand eligible for Australian 491 regional VISA if your occupation falls within skilled occupation list, be nominated by eligible Australian relative or authority, have invitation to apply, and obtain 65 points in Australian visa assessment test.

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