British Scholarships 2024 Without IELTS for International Students

If you are going to consider UK for your next degree then i guess either you are a rich kid or else you will have to apply for British scholarships 2024 because education in UK is super expensive. To give you a rough idea the tuition fees of any subject for undergraduate degree starts from £11k and goes all the way up to £15k, whereas for postgrad £11k-£16k is what you will be spending (Citation savethestudent, boosteducationservice). 

How Much Money You Need to Study in UK in 2024?

Now this is not the only cost involved when anyone think of studying in UK on self finance, because an international student also needs £1300-£1400per month for spending in London on groceries, accommodation, transportation, bills, and other living expenses, whereas around £900-£1300 in rest of British cities. And then during the application process you will again be spending hundreds of pounds on IELTS exam to qualify for UK admission.

So as we can see the cost of studying in UK is super high which is why i highly recommend all of my students to consider applying for British Scholarships for the class of 2024 without IELTS requirement so that you can avoid all of these cost and get a chance to win a fully funded UK scholarship in 2024 therefore i bring you a list of top British Scholarships for which IELTS is not required (Source Self)and these also cover all educational and personal expenditure costs involved during your stay in UK for higher studies:

1- Chevening Scholarships of UK

If you ask me my favorite British scholarship for my recommendation to you then this is the one because this is actually available as a British scholarship for undergrad/postgrad students and as fellowship for postdoc researchers too. You can apply for this British Chevening scholarship without IELTS requirement starting from August 2023 and before that i think you have enough time to complete its documentation so that once its application window is open then you apply within first few days and yes Chevening scholarship do not require you to submit IELTS test if it is not required by its associated British University (Citation Chevening).

2# University of Cambridge Scholarships

Studying at Cambridge is an honor for i think everyone but getting admission at Cambridge is super competitive and when we talk about winning a fully funded scholarship at Cambridge then that’s even more difficult but who knows you might win a British scholarship at Cambridge University, so i think it is worth applying for a British scholarship at Cambridge and that too without IELTS requirement (Citation Cambridge Undergrad, Postgrad).

So, you can explore any relevant Cambridge scholarship from Camrbidge University Trust webpage, gates Cambridge scholarships, or from financial assistance page of Camrbidge University and then you will have to submit your application using standard admission application process of Cambridge University (Citation Cambridge Application Process).

3- Rhodes Scholarships

As per my research, Rhodes is one of the high paying scholarships at the moment which pays for your education a Oxford university (£18,180 per annum for tuition & £1,515 per month as monthly stipend) with sponsorship for International Health Surcharge (IHS), settlement allowance, economy class flight air tickets, and cost of British study VISA.

If you are wondering about IELTS requirement for Rhodes scholarship then you need not to worry because no special English language requirement is in place for this one and what you need to follow is English language requirement of Oxford university because this Rhodes scholarship is only available for those student who are interested to get enrolled at oxford in 2024.

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