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British (UK) Jobs 2023 in Education and Healthcare Sector


You must not waste your time in applying for well paid Jobs in UK in education and healthcare sector if you got your degree, required experience, and additional course certifications. UK government and private sector organizations are now actively seeking qualified and talented applicants to recruit them for their most in-demand jobs open for recruitment in healthcare and education departments.

Jobs for Educationists in England in 2023

England provides a wide range of job opportunities in education sector for local and international applicants such as vacancies for lecturers, researchers, scholars, and well paid PhD positions with handsome salary packages for all job designations.

You can apply for open job positions at the best universities in England including the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University of Bristol, Imperial College London, and Edinburgh university. If you want to apply for the post of lecturer then the minimum qualification required for this job position is a postgraduate’s master or Ph.D. degree with publications in high IF scientific journals.


As for the job of a researcher, the minimum qualification is a doctoral degree with 3 or more research publications in high impact factor journals whereas if you got scientifically approved patents on your name then that will also be enough to become eligible for the job post of a scholar at any UK university.

The average salary for a lecturer in England was recorded to be £37,058 in 2022 whereas the average salary in UK for a full-time researcher was £35,000 per year (as per


Jobs for Healthcare Skilled Workers in England in 2023

Healthcare sector jobs in England are preferred by UK and international job applicants as these careers offer handsome salaries, good allowances, and a nice work environment. Now let me tell you which jobs are high in demand in UK so these are for Cardiac sonographers, doctors, nurses, radiologists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, psychiatrists, Audiologist, and Occupational therapists in the most renowned UK hospitals of England such as Hexham General Hospital, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, St. Thomas Hospital, University College Hospital London, and more.

If you want to apply for the occupation of a surgeon in any healthcare setup in England then you must have a minimum qualification of 5 years degree in medicine which must be recognized by the General Medical Council, a 2-year foundation program of general training, 2 years of core surgical training in a hospital, and up to 6 years of medical specialist training.


As for the job of a nurse in UK the minimum qualification required is a completed degree in nursing and the applicant must be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

And if you want to apply for the profession of psychiatrist then you need to fulfill the minimum qualification requirement of a 5-year degree in medicine which must be recognized by the British General Medical Council with a 2-year foundation program of general training, and 3 years of core training in psychiatry.

Now if you are wondering how much salaries are being paid in UK’s healthcare sector then this information is going to answer your query. The average salary of surgeons in England is £84,559 a year as per prospect report, and for nurses £33,384 per year according to NHS, however, average salary of a psychiatrist in England is £39464 per year (source: National Careers UK).


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