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Career Options for final Year Students – Choose Jobs or Scholarships

Pathway Programs for Final Semester Students in 2023


This article is going to be extremely useful to all those final year students who are about to graduate in 2023 and are confused about choosing the right career path and if we have a closer look at available options for recent graduates then we will find two prominent three prominent pathways to choose from such as trainee jobs, internships/apprenticeships, and higher education via scholarships.

Therefore, in this article we are going to explore benefits of all these pathway options for you so that you can then easily decide which of these options is well suited as per your interest, and qualifications.

Your Option #1 Start a Job after Graduation

You will get your degree as upon graduation after attending convocation at your university so now when you will have that degree in hand then the first thought that will come across your mind would be how to cash in this hard earned degree so the answer to that is to find trainee or recent graduate job options in government or private sector.


And if you are wondering how much you will get paid as a trainee graduate worker then that would be just above $40k in US (Ref and over $51k in Canada (Ref whereas with that you will also receive employment allowances from your organization and upon completion of your trainee period as a graduate; you may receive a permanent employment offer with much better salary package. So, if you want to gain professional work experience, cash in your degree with high salary, or step into professional career then this option #1 to find a suitable job right after your graduation would be the most ideal option.

Your Option #2 Participate in Internship or Apprenticeship Program

Now this option is uncommon but very helpful for most recent graduates who want to get a taste of professional world rather than committing to a permanent/long term full time job because for example if you participate in an internship or apprenticeship program then you will be employed for 1-6 months period which is very short and enough for you to get a taste of how would it feel like if you start a job, whereas you will also receive some salary, and gain work experience which you can later on add on your CV.


Now if you are wondering what after you finish your internship or apprenticeship program, so then you will actually have an idea that you feel comfortable in starting a full time job or you wish you get enrolled in a higher degree programme for further studies and i personally think this option is well suited for those fresh graduates or final year students who are very confused to choose between a job or higher education.

Your Option #3 Start Higher Education & Search Scholarships

Now if you do not want to start a job then i will recommend you to go for higher education abroad by searching for postgraduate scholarships and you will be happy to know that all of your educational expenses will be covered by international fully funded scholarships and there are tons of scholarships available abroad for MS, and Phd admissions.


Now lets talk about career prospects during and after completing postgraduate degree, so when you will get your postgrad degree then i am sure you will find so many job options as researcher, scholar, higher level job position in government/private sector but with that during your studies you will also be entitled to receive totally free education, would also receive monthly stipend money, and similar benefits if you manage to win a fully funded postgrad scholarship such as CSC scholarship, British council scholarship, SNU scholarship, fulbright scholarship, chevening scholarship, schwarzman scholarship, South Korea scholarship, rhodes scholarship, or DAAD scholarship.

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