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Are you considering Denmark for your higher education journey in 2024? With its world-renowned education system, Denmark offers a plethora of opportunities for international students. Here’s everything you need to know about the application process, deadlines, and scholarships to make your dream of studying in Denmark a reality.

This guide outlines the application process for international students aiming to pursue higher education in Denmark in 2024. It’s designed for students interested in Bachelor’s, Professional Bachelor’s, and Academy Profession programmes in Denmark. The application deadline is 15 March 2024 at 12 noon CET. By following this process, students can access a wide range of study programs in Denmark, meeting their academic interests and career goals.

Entry Requirements

Before applying, ensure you meet the entry requirements, which include general entry requirements, specific entry requirements, and language proficiency. Your qualifications must be equivalent to a Danish upper secondary school leaving certificate, or for some programs, a relevant vocational qualification may suffice. Specific entry requirements vary by program and for programs taught in Danish, you’ll need to prove your proficiency in the language.


List of Danish Scholarships in 2024

Here’s a list of scholarships available for international students wishing to study in Denmark in 2024, along with their respective links for more information:

1# Nordplus

For students enrolled at Nordic or Baltic higher education institutions to study in another Nordic or Baltic country.


2# Erasmus

Offers EU/EEA and Switzerland students the chance to study as part of their higher education in their home countries. Exchange durations range from 2 to 12 months.

3# Erasmus Mundus/Joint Master Degree

Open to EU/EEA and non-EU/EAA students for specific Master’s degree programmes offered jointly by a Danish institution and another European university or college.


4# Fulbright Denmark

For American scholars or postgraduate students at master or Ph.D.-level for study and/or research in Denmark.

5# Danish Government Scholarships for Non-EU/EEA Students

Danish universities offer a limited number of scholarships to highly qualified full-degree students from non-EU/EEA countries and Switzerland.

6# Danish State Educational Support (SU)

Process to Apply for Admission/Scholarship in Denmark in 2024

Below is a step-by-step guide to help you through, from selecting a program to submitting your application.


Step 1: Find a Study Program

Begin by exploring available study programs that match your interests and qualifications.

Step 2: Check Entry Requirements

Determine if you meet the general, specific, and language entry requirements for your chosen program.

    • General Entry Requirements: Your qualification must be equivalent to a Danish upper secondary school leaving certificate. For some programs, a relevant vocational qualification may suffice.
    • Specific Entry Requirements: These vary by program and can include subject levels, grades, and overall GPA.
    • Language Requirements: For English-taught programs, you’ll need to demonstrate proficiency in English. Programs taught in Danish will require Danish language proficiency.

Step 3: Prepare Your Application

Gather all necessary documents. This typically includes academic transcripts, diplomas, language proficiency certificates, and possibly letters of recommendation and a statement of purpose.

Step 4: Apply Online

Submit your application through the centralized Danish application portal.

    • Portal: is the national admission website for undergraduate higher education. Here, you can apply to up to 8 programs.
    • Signature Page: After completing the digital application, print, sign, and send the signature page to the institutions you’re applying to.

Step 5: Submit Required Documents

Upload your diplomas and other documentation to For each program you apply to, a signature page must be sent to the institution offering the program.


Step 6: Follow Up on Your Application

After submitting your application, stay in touch with the institutions to ensure they’ve received all necessary documents and to check if additional information is needed.

Deadline Reminder: Remember, the application deadlines are 15 March for international students and 5 July for those with Danish qualifications.

Step 7: Wait for Admission Decision

Admission decisions are typically announced by 28 July, 2024. If you’re not admitted to any of your chosen programs, you can inquire about applying for vacant study places.

Step 8: Apply for Scholarships (Optional)

Research and apply for scholarships well in advance of your application.

  • Resources: Look into programs like Nordplus, Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, and specific scholarships offered by Danish institutions or the Danish government for non-EU/EEA students.

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