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Eligibility Criteria for Canadian Express Entry Immigration for Employment

Minimum CRS Score Required for ITA

I’m sure if you are reading this article then some what you might have interest in moving to Canada with a high paying job in hand and in this regards you will be happy to know that Canada accept over 300k economic immigrants each year through its express entry program and therefore you can also avail this opportunity to see yourself with your family in Canada next year.

So i received many inquiries recently about how to check eligibility criteria for Canadian express entry program, so therefore, i am going to answer this laser pointed question in this article with my research with proper factual and verified information.

Are you an ideal applicant for Express Entry?

This is not complex but surely time & effort taking task to find out if you are an ideal candidate for Canadian express entry immigration program or not. There is an online automatic comprehensive ranking system known as CRS which ranks profiles of applicants based on their credentials (such as your age, English/French language proficiency, work experience, references in Canada, and education).

So, if your CRS score is on higher side then that means you are surely an ideal candidate for Canadian express program and in other case you’d need to work on improving your CRS score by meeting following criteria:

  • You must have master, bachelor or doctoral degree
  • Your age must be below 30 years
  • You need to clear CLB test with level 9 at least
  • English or French language proficiency of yours must be on higher side as well
  • Your profession must be in Canadian skill shortage NOC list
  • You must have 3 years of work experience in such professions that comes under skill shortages in Canada
  • If your immediate siblings are already living in Canada then by providing their information; your CRS score will automatically gets improved
  • In case you have an appointment letter or job offer from Canadian company then your CRS score will improve
  • If you got nominated from any Canadian provincial immigration program

Express Entry Profile Submitted – So Whats Next?

Let say if you submitted your express entry profile to get your CRS score then i am sure you will now be wondering about next procedures after it. So you need to know that Canadian IRCC conducts draws every two weeks to rank all of their candidates in express entry pool with CRS scores to send selected ones invitation to apply known as ITA.

So if you get lucky by receiving ITA from IRCC then you will be all set to immigrate to Canada on this express entry program.

CRS Score required to receive your ITA from IRCC:

Every two weeks when IRCC conducts draws then a new CRS lowest cutoff score is published and therefore there is no standard CRS minimum score required to receive ITA for express entry. Depending upon each of IRCC express entry draw, a new minimum CRS score is revealed each week and just to give you a rough idea here are the latest express entry draw results with their lowest CRS scores so you can get an idea of it:

CRS Cuttoff Scores for Canadian Express Entry
Express Entry Draw Numbers Draw Date Draw Category Total ITA CRS Cutoff Score
267 28-Sep-23 Agriculture and agri-food 600 354
266 27-Sep-23 French language proficiency 500 472
264 20-Sep-23 Transport Occupations 1,000 435
261 02-Aug-23 Trade occupations 1,500 388
260 02-Aug-23 French language proficiency 800 435
258 12-Jul-23 French language proficiency 3,800 375


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