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English Language Tests Accepted by German Universities

List of German Language Tests Accepted by Universities in Germany

If you wish to study in Germany then you must take into account that you need to be proficient either in English or in the German language. It is because the German Universities offer English and German taught programs. It is the basic requirement of an admission application into a German University to provide them with English or Greman language test certificates.

List of English Language Tests Accepted by German Universities

We are sharing with you the list of English language Tests that are widely accepted by all German Universities for admissions and German Scholarships:

#1 TOEFL Test

TOEFL is a standardized test offered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). It asses the ability of English language skills of international students if their native language is not English. 

The TOEFL test is widely accepted worldwide by many institutions as an English language proficiency proof for admission purposes. However, different academic institutions accept different TOEFL scores. Apart from this, it should be kept in mind that TOEFL scores are only valid for 2 years. 

It consists of four sections in which 120 marks are equally distributed:

  • Listening (0-30)
  • Speaking (0-30) 
  • Writing (0-30)
  • Reading (0-30)

#2 IELTS TM Academic Test

IELTS evaluates the English language skills of international students whose native language is not English. It is required by the German institutions for bachelor’s or master’s programs. Moreover, it is widely accepted worldwide and by German institutions as proof of English language skills. 

IELTS consists of four parts as follows:

  • Academic writing
  • Listening
  • Academic reading
  • Speaking

However, it should be kept in mind that IELTS scores are valid for 2 years only. 

#3 Cambridge English Test

It is a CEFR examination offered by Cambridge University. The test asses the English language skill of international students whose native language is not English. 

However, the Cambridge certificates asses language proficiency at the following levels:

  • B1 Preliminary 

It is a certificate level which assesses the basic English language skills of a non-native English speaker. The skills are merely required for the daily communication and understanding of language. 

  • B2 First

CEF (Cambridge English First) is a type of certification that shows that an international student possesses good English language skills. Moreover, it shows that the skills are sufficient for working, studying and living in the English Speaking Country. 

  • C1 Advanced 

CEA which stands for Cambridge English Advanced is a type of certificate that shows that you possess advanced skills in the English Language. And you can live, study and work in a country whose native language is English.  

  • C2 Proficiency 

CEP, Cambridge English Proficiency certificate proves that you have expert level skills in the English language. 

#4 UNIcert Test

It is a certification that is CEFR based. Moreover, it is run by Language Teaching Institutes, Institutes of Foreign Languages and Association of Language Centres (AKS) in Germany. These centers evaluate the skills of international people in the English language. 

However, there are four different levels of proficiency which are as follows:

  • UNIcert® Basis (A2)
  • UNIcert® I (B1)
  • UNIcert® II (B2)
  • UNIcert® III (C1)
  • UNIcert® IV (C2)

#5 TOEIC Test

TOEIC test is one of the recognized tests that is operated by the Educational Testing Service, ETS. It evaluates the English language skills of foreign people at their workplace. However, there are few universities in Germany that accept the TOEIC certificates for English language proficiency proof. 

The TOEIC test has the following sections:

  • Speaking and Writing
  • Listening and Reading

If you want to take admission into the German language taught to program then list of German language tests accepted by German Universities will provide you with the options to choose the test to appear in next.


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