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5 Frankfurt Universities Offering German Scholarships in 2023

I had to write this article to provide my students help on how they can settle in Frankfurt, Germany to start their next academic degree for free as you may find interesting if i tell you that education in Frankfurt Universities is free if you open a blocked bank account whereas if you manage to win a German scholarship then in that case you can even get paid to study in Germany in form of monthly stipends, free accommodation and life insurance plan.

You might wonder why you would be studying in Frankfurt city of Germany so you must know that Frankfurt is not only known for modern architecture and currency flow but is also recognized for its best quality education that provides great scholarship opportunities for students to make their careers and excel in life. 

Top 5 University Scholarship in Frankfurt Germany in 2023

There are 5 Top Universities in Frankfurt listed as follows:

1- Goethe University Franfurt Scholarships

Gothe University was founded in year 1914 for citizens of Frankfurt and interestingly Gothe university was also financed by its citizens which is a unique event in history which has four campuses where students can get admissions for seeking quality education in different subjects:

  • Campus Bockenheim provides education in the field of Computer science, Mathematics, Fine Arts and Art history. 
  • Campus Westend provides education in Pedagogy, Psychology, Social sciences, Theology, Philosophy, Archaeology, Law, History, Philology, Business Administration, Human geography and Economics.
  • Campus Riedberg provides education in Physics, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Geosciences, Geography, and Biochemistry.
  • Campus Niederrad provides education in Dentistry and Medical science. 

Moreover, Gothe university has most qualified professors and its alumni also have people who are Nobel prize winners so this clearly depicts popularity of this Frankfurt university among students and quality of education it provides and i am sure you will be happy to explore scholarship opportunities of Frankfurt University.

2- University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt

University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt is actually one of top ranked Frankfurt university that prepares their students for professional market by giving all relevant practical skills to students during the course of their academic degree program. University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt aims to prepare its students in such a way that after graduation they should start sharing and using their skills in relevant department, moreover, University of Applied Sciences of Frankfurt also offer scholarships for over 56 courses in 4 different faculties making it one of the best applied sciences institutions in Germany which include:

  • Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • Business and Law
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Social Work and Health

3- University of Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt Germany

German university of music and performing arts Frankfurt was founded in 1938 and which was basically the only educational institution of its kind in the region with approximately 900 students studying there yearly. Moreover, there were 65 professors in this German university who were highly qualified and around 320 assistant professors who guide students towards their academic goals.

Apart from this curriculum of university of music and performing arts at frankfurt includes performance in instruments and voice, teaching of music, conducting, composition and church music. Additionally, this university also offers courses in musical theatre, dance, and drama however after graduation this university also provides students with an opportunity to gain a postgraduate degree in teaching music and musicology and you will be glad to know that university of music & performing arts also offer scholarships.

4- Städelschule – Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste Städelschule

Städelschule university history dates back to two centuries because of Johann Friedrich Städel excellence and he was a merchant who established a community and young artists to communicate with its collection of art moreover two institutions originate from this place. Such as Stadel Museum and Stadel Schule which is the international standard academy and collect talented people and experts to explore ancient things.

Additionally, Portikus which is an exhibition space also has been added to the international reputation of the school and as people have been exhibiting and sharing their work and thoughts in Portikus since 1987 so if you want to study in this university the you can explore their study programs here.

5- Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Now i am going to tell you about Frankfurt school of finance and management which provides education in fields of management, business, finance, and banking moreover this institution aims to prepare students for the future so they can work in multinational companies or run their own businesses.

Intellectually frankfurt school of finance and management challenges its students to think forward over challenges that come in business and finance, and finding ever changing solutions for the problems and this is also one of those German univerities which offer all of their degree programs for free and on top of that you can also apply for Frankfurt school of finance and management scholarships.

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