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Government Canada Jobs 2023 of IT Officers at 40 Offices

You need a resume, CV, cover letter, bachelors degree and intention to apply for recently advertised IT officer jobs by Government Canada for their department of Correctional Service Canada whereas you can submit all required documents these jobs until July 21, 2023.

Which Jobs are Offered by Government Canada in IT Sector?

I want to make it clear to you that if you are trying to find which job designations are being offered by Government Canada in this IT sector then you must understand that there are multiple jobs positions available with four different salary packages as per IT-01, IT-02, IT-03, and IT-04 category.

And when you will submit your job application then you will automatically be considered for multiple job positions in this department based on your qualification and a pool of job applicants will then be considered. In case if you fail to get any job offer in this recruitment cycle then you will automatically be considered for any future jobs in this correctional service branch of Canada.

How Much Salary Can You Expect by Information Management and Technology Jobs?

There are four pools established by government Canada because four different levels of officer jobs are open for recruitment and based on this information four different salary packages are provided as per IT-01, IT-02, IT-03 and IT-04.

  • Salary of IT-01 Level Officer: $5058 – $6518 per month
  • Salary of IT-02 Level Officer: $6260 – $7662 per month
  • Salary of IT-03 Level Officer: $7390 – $9181 per month
  • Salary of IT-04 Level Officer: $8461 – $10532 per month

Where Will New Officers be Posted in Canada?

If you get recruited by GC Canada for these IT job positions then you may be placed in any of the 40 offices of Correctional Service Canada where you will either start working in division of information management services (IMS) or you would start working in policy division whereas you can expect to get posted in any of these Canadian provinces:

  • British Columbia
  • Saskatchewan
  • Alberta
  • Manitoba
  • Nova Scotia
  • Quebec
  • Ontario
  • New burnswick

How to Apply for Government of Canada IT Jobs in 2023?

As i said earlier you need to hurry up as job application deadline for these IT jobs at Canadian government department of Correctional Service is 21 July 2023 therefore you need to create a free job applicant account at government Canada portal to submit your online application whereas you can find detailed information of IT-01/02 jobs and IT-03/04 jobs here.

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