Hohai University September 2024 Intake Scholarships for BS, MS, PhD Admissions

Hohai University, located in Nanjing, China, offers a range of scholarships for international students pursuing undergraduate (BS), master’s (MS), and doctoral (PhD) degrees for their September 2024 intake. Known for its strong emphasis on engineering, particularly Water Resources Engineering and Environmental Science and Engineering, the University provides excellent educational opportunities with a global perspective.

Benefits of Hohai University Scholarships

  • First-Class Scholarship: Covers tuition, on-campus accommodation, comprehensive medical insurance, and a monthly allowance.
  • Second-Class Scholarship: Covers tuition and on-campus accommodation.
  • Third-Class Scholarship: Covers tuition.

These scholarships are awarded based on academic performance, language proficiency, and comprehensive evaluations and are reviewed annually.

Eligibility Criteria

Undergraduate Programs (BS)

  • Non-Chinese Citizens: Valid passport, aged 18-30, in good health.
  • Education: High school certificate or equivalent.
  • Language Proficiency: HSK 4 or above.
  • Other Requirements: Respect for Chinese laws and customs.

Postgraduate Programs (MS, PhD)

  • Non-Chinese Citizens: Valid passport, in good health.
  • Master’s Applicants: Bachelor’s degree, under age 35.
  • Doctoral Applicants: Master’s degree, under age 40.
  • Language Proficiency: English language proficiency certificate (TOEFL, IELTS, GRE) for non-English speaking countries.
  • Other Requirements: Respect for Chinese laws and customs.

Application Process

  • Online Registration: Apply through the Hohai University online application system for Graduate ( and undergraduate ( portals.
  • Document Submission: Upload scanned copies of required documents including passport, diplomas, transcripts, curriculum vitae, personal statement, language proficiency certificates, recommendation letters, physical examination form, financial proof, and non-criminal record.
  • Initial Review: The International School completes the initial review within 1-3 working days.
  • Application Fee: Pay a non-refundable fee of 400 RMB at University’s bank account.

Application Deadlines

  • Undergraduate Programs (BS): June 30, 2024.
  • Postgraduate Programs (MS, PhD): June 15, 2024.

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