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Questions related to Germany's DAAD Scholarships 2022-2023 Application Submissions

German Universities started accepting online applications for the most prestigious DAAD scholarships 2022-2023 for the academic session of 2022 from all international students. Following are the most commonly asked questions by Germany’s DAAD Scholarship applicants and their answers:

  • How to apply for DAAD Scholarship in Germany?

The procedure for applying depends on the type of scholarship as well as the chosen programme. Detailed information on how to make an application can be found on the DAAD website as well as a list of local contacts that you can use in case you have questions.

  • What is the DAAD German Portal?

This simply means that the application is done online. You have to create an account in the DAAD portal after which you choose the scholarship programme and then submit your application. You can only submit an application of the application process is still open. To find out the application dates, go to the ‘application procedure’ on the portal.

  • How to report DAAD scholarship application portal technical errors?

In case you experience any technical issues, you can use the support hotline number that is available from Monday to Friday as from 9 am to Noon and in the afternoon from 2 pm to 4 pm. One can also contact them via email [email protected] or call them using (+49)228/882-8888.

  • What documents are required for the German DAAD Scholarship application?

The application that you submit can only be successful if you attach all the necessary documents. The only documents that you may not be required to attach include references and samples of work for those who are in artistry subjects. There are also cases where they may allow students to send their academic certificates later after sending the application.

  • Will I be informed once they receive my DAAD Scholarship application?

Once you complete and send your application, you will see a confirmation alert informing you that your application has been submitted successfully. You will also get an email telling you the same. A message will appear on your portal to inform you that your application has been received.

  • Can I submit my scholarship application through the DAAD portal?

Most of the scholarship programs that are offered by DAAD require the applicant to submit the application through the portal.  There are cases where the applicant may be needed to print the application summary from the portal and send it to the address of the applications. To ensure that you are informed of all that you will need for your application, read the call for applications, which will give you the relevant information as well as the opening and closing dates of the application. If you are required to submit a list of references, you should send this via post.

  • How to provide references or recommendation letters in DAAD Scholarship application portal?

If you choose a science subject, you may be required to attach references to a university teacher. Make sure that the lecturer that gives you the reference has a doctoral degree. In the reference letter, they should list:

  • Your personal qualities
  • Your academic qualifications and achievements
  • He or she should state that they have evaluated your project in terms of planning, feasibility, and relevance.
  • How will the scholarship help you achieve your academic and professional goals

You can get a guide on how to create and send a reference form from the call for applications tab at the DAAD website.

  • Do I have to submit a DAAD Scholarship application in the German language?

You can write and submit your application in either English or German. You, however, have to check the details of the application to ensure that they have not specified the language. If you have any documents that you want to send with your application and they are not in English or German, ensure that you translate the same. You can translate the documents yourself, as no translation certification is needed.

  • What are the language requirements to apply for the DAAD Scholarship?

To find out the language certificates that are needed to apply for a DAAD scholarship, you have to check the course language requirements that you wish to get enrolled in. If the course will be taught in the English language then you need to provide relevant certification and if it will be taught in the German language then do vice versa.

  • Do I have to upload notarized certificates and transcripts?

When creating the DAAD scholarship application, you are not required to send notarized transcripts and certificates. However, after your application will be approved for the scholarship, you may be asked by DAAD to submit the notarized academic certificates.


Yousaf Saeed

(Editor) I am a 3 times winner of a fully funded scholarship and studied abroad in top Universities without paying any single penny. I hold a Ph.D. degree in engineering and enjoyed the benefit of studying in most prestigious institutes. It is my passion to write on topics that help students to understand how they can find and apply for scholarships abroad and how they can conduct their academic research work effectively. It is my hobby to write for the students who are interested to inquire about what is it like to study in German Universities. There are various scholarships offered by the German education system to international students and I think it is a good thing to share easy tips that students may adapt to win those scholarships to get a chance to study in Germany.

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  1. I am willing to get enrolled in one of the German universities to do my PhD. I will be grateful to have such an opportunity. Thank you.

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    Do I have any chance to get admission in PhD of medical physics in Germani?

  3. I an graduate pharmacist with interest in pharmaceutical analysis or clinical pharmacy , how can l get access to scholarship to attain a masters in that speciality ???

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    I have been graduated with MSc in physical chemistry
    From faculty of science , Egypt

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  7. I am from Ethiopia and graduated from Adama university by wood science and technology in 2013 and teacher in colleges.Iam glad if get daad

  8. As per daad requirements,as i know it is necessary to have 2 year experience of work. If i have the part time job work experience of 2 years, is it valid or not? i was working part time job during my degree .
    Plz reply as soon as possible

  9. All My greetings , my name is christelle and I am Burundian age of 19 old I just finish high. And searching a good university so my wish is just to study and work for my country after because we are starting an development
    ( medical school if I can get it it will be great for my family my country and me )my favorite category is science thank you for your understanding

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  11. Please your help appreciated, can’t find DAAD application form. Is there a certain form to fill, thanks in advance

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  13. What if some have reference letter,
    1. Old more than 12 months
    2. Has not sogned by the Phd but by the MS holder.
    Either both will be from institution or from employer also in case of employee.

  14. I wish it .I have bvs in veterinary medicine by cGPA 3.8 .pls support me I have economy problem for education.

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