CAS-ANSO Fellowship 2024 for International Students

The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), in collaboration with the Alliance of National and International Science Organizations for the Belt and Road Regions (ANSO), introduces the CAS-ANSO Fellowship program for 2024. This initiative reflects a robust commitment to advancing sustainable development through science and technology, particularly by enhancing global and regional capacities.

Targeted towards fostering broad cooperation and communication across the Belt and Road countries and beyond, the fellowship offers a unique opportunity for international scholars and experts.

CAS-ANSO Fellowship Categories and Benefits

The CAS-ANSO Fellowship is designed to cater to a diverse group of international researchers and professionals, offering three distinct categories:

1# ANSO Partner Fellowship

Eligibility: Senior researchers and management staff from institutions outside mainland China, with a preference for ANSO member personnel.

Duration: 1-2 weeks

Benefits: RMB 10,000 per week (pre-tax), plus a round-trip travel subsidy. This short-term visit facilitates high-level research exchange and enhances scientific collaborations.

2# ANSO Visiting Scientist Fellowship

Eligibility: This category welcomes scholars such as assistant professors, associate professors, and full professors from scientific and educational institutions outside mainland China.

Duration: 1-6 months


  • Assistant professors and comparable professionals receive RMB 15,000 per month.
  • Associate professors receive RMB 25,000 per month.
  • Full professors receive RMB 35,000 per month. All levels receive a round-trip travel subsidy, offering substantial financial support for longer-term research endeavors at CAS institutions.

3# CAS-ANSO Alumni Fellowship

Eligibility: Alumni of specific CAS scholarship programs working in science and technology fields in Belt and Road countries.

Duration: 1-2 weeks

Benefits: RMB 10,000 per week (pre-tax) plus a round-trip travel subsidy, focusing on continuing engagement with CAS-trained scientists and experts.

Application Process (Preparation and Submission)

Applicants must prepare a comprehensive package including a completed CAS-ANSO Fellowship application form, a personal statement, curriculum vitae, recommendation letters, and a detailed study plan of their proposed research activities. Key steps include:

  • Identifying a CAS host researcher.
  • Gathering and preparing all required documents.
  • Submitting the complete application through the designated CAS host researcher to ensure it meets all institutional and fellowship criteria.

Application Deadline

The first-round CAS-ANSO fellowship review for 2024 applications is scheduled between May 11, 2024, and mid-June therefore it is crucial for applicants to submit their applications before May 10, 2024, to be considered in this round.

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