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Portugal Job Seekers VISA 2023 – Eligibility, Fees, Application Process

Outdated: Please refer to our 2024 updated article on Portugal’s Job Seeker VISA.

2023 Article – Portugal introduced Portuguese job seeker visas for people who want to go and stay only in Portugal in search of a job. You can start working once you get this visa and continue to work either until the visa expires or you get a residence permit in Portugal. This job seeker visa allows only one entry into Portugal and it is limited to 120 days, however, you can get it renewed for another 60 days. It is crucial that you have a job offer from a Portuguese employer to get a job seeker visa.

Types of Portuguese Visas in 2023

Different types of Portuguese visas are available depending on different qualifications and professions. If you want to apply for a work visa for experienced workers, you must hold a job offer in any one of the qualified occupations or professions such as engineers, scientists, IT professionals, medical professionals, or an employee working in an administrative sector of a company.

To apply for a self-employed work visa, you must be someone offering services or have your own business. You can apply and get a highly-skilled workers visa if you are an incredibly skilled person in your profession and also earns an annual salary that is over 1.5 times the national average gross annual wage in Portugal.

If you are a person who wants to participate in Portugal’s cultural activities then a work visa for cultural activities is the perfect visa for you as it allows you to take part in projects based on Portugal’s cultural activities, reorganized by Portuguese authorities.

A work visa for teaching is for people who get a job offer from Portugal’s educational institution or a research center. Moreover, you are eligible for a tech visa if you get a job offer from a technology-based company.

Requirements/ Eligibility for Portuguese Work Visa

Following is the list of documents that you’ll need in order to apply for a Portuguese work visa in 2023:

  • National Visa application with the signatures of the applicant
  • A valid passport
  • Professionally written Resume
  • Passport size pictures according to the Portugal visa guidelines
  • Proof of adequate funds to support yourself
  • Your criminal record as per the country of your residence. You also have to get criminal records from a country where you have lived for more than a year.
  • A document permitting the SEF to examine your Portuguese criminal records.
  • Health insurance proof
  • Proof that you have accommodation in Portugal
  • Contract of your employment
  • Evidence of lawful entrance into Portuguese territories, such as a visa if you are already living in Portugal.
  • In order to apply from a country other than your country of origin, you need proof of authorized stay such as a visa or residency permit.

NOTE: All required documents must be in English or Portuguese languages so if you have documents in any other language, get them translated by a professional translator. Moreover, you need to get your civil documents legalized either through an Apostille Stamp or a Portuguese Embassy in your country.

How to/Where to Apply for Job Seekers VISA?

Work Permit Application:

Your employer is the one who submits your Portuguese work permit application if they offer you a job. They need to apply for a Work Permit (Autorização de Trabalho) at the Portuguese Labor Authorities or the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras – SEF) on your behalf.

In order to apply, employers have to submit a list of documents to get you authorized for a Portugal work visa after verification. The list of these documents includes a contract of employment, tax statements of the company, proof of being a registered company with Social Security, and proof that the vacancy could not have been filled by a Swiss, EU, or EEA citizen.

Application for Portugal Work Visa:

Portugal embassy in your country is the place where you can apply for a work permit in Portugal once you are authorized. Once you get this visa, you are permitted to enter Portugal to work and apply for a residence permit too. The Portuguese embassy will make an appointment for you at the SEF so you can brief them about your expected dates of travel and your place of stay in Portugal. If you want to apply for a residence permit, you can check the details and process on the website of Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF).

How Much Does Work Visa for Portugal Costs?

When you apply for a Portugal work visa, you have to submit multiple dues for different purposes such as a Portuguese Embassy issued entry visa fee, €90 (may vary for different countries), residence permit for work application submission fee at the SEF, €83, and €72 is the receiving fee of your residence permit for work from the SEF.

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