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Professional Jobs in Europe 2023 for International Applicants

Hundreds of thousands of jobs are available from time to time in European countries but the question that matters is if you can apply for any of those jobs or not and how much are you going to get paid for that professional job in Europe.

So for that i have gathered a list of professional job occupations in Europe that pay immensely well to locals and as well as to international job seekers. Whereas, i’m expecting that the companies in Europe will be offering the following jobs in this rolling year in bulk and this is why i recommend you to please start updating your resume (CV) as per new modern professional standards and try your professional luck in Europe in 2023!

List of Good Salary Job Professions in Europe

You can find great number of jobs in Europe but as per my recommendation please also consider any of the following listed job occupations that pay well there:

1# Sales specialists Profession in Europe

Even though online retail and e-commerce are at an all-time high, still many people enjoy a real-time shopping experience in stores. Thus, the demand for sales assistants in physical stores is still high in Europe. Depending on what European country you decide to work in as a sales specialist or assistant, and the amount of prior experience you have on average, you can easily earn between €1,500 and €3,000, per month. However, it will be essential for you to gain fluency in the native language of the country, for example, German or French in the respective countries, in addition to English proficiency. Consider applying for a sales specialist jobs in Netherlands.

Among European countries, Spain, France, Germany, and Italy offer many opportunities for sales specialists with varying salaries: in Germany, a senior and experienced sales specialist can make over £10,000 to £14,500 per annum, and around £4,000+ in France every month, and about £2,200 per month in Italy. So the earning potential varies, and job prospects are high.

2# Secretaries and Administrators Profession in Europe

18% of European companies are looking to hire foreign/overseas individuals as secretaries and administrators this year, an increase from last year’s 12%- according to statistics provided by ManpowerGroup. The key here is being well-taught in spoken and written English, as English-speaking employees are sought after for these jobs. Working as a secretary or administrator in Europe could get you to earn a starting salary of over £26 500, while those with prior experience can earn between a salary bracket of £35 000 to £49 600 yearly, according to several online job search engines.

3# Telephone operators & distributive workers Profession in Europe

An increase in job opportunities for foreigners in Europe is not just limited to IT or other sectors mentioned above. Telephone operators, sales agents, and distributive workers are also highly demanded by over 15% more European employers, compared to previous years. Especially in the case of Spain, where employers willing to hire foreign staff jumped from 16% to 24% in a year.

Even the earning potential in these types of jobs is good across European countries or in London, foreigners can earn over £12,600 to £17,400 on average per year, by working as a sales agent, or as a telephone operator in a call center. However, naturally, the average salary increases with experience, and if you are multilingual, that is a big plus point that could get you to earn greater than £20,000 even.

4# Cooks & Catering staff Profession in Europe

The Cooking and Catering industry is another notable mention, where you can apply and grow as a foreign employee: overall, 13% are willing and expect to hire foreigners as cooks, cooking staff, and caterers.

The prospects are lower in France because the employer percentage fell from 16% to 10% this year, but Spain and the United Kingdom are ideal locations to make it as part of the cooking and catering industry: 25% of Spanish employers are looking to hire foreigners, whereas 20% of UK cooking and catering companies currently employee non-nationals, and 15% employers are willing to hire foreigners this year. Here, if you are talented in cooking multiple cuisines, or have experience in catering that will be a bonus point on your resume. 

Per year earning potential as a cook varies between £7,600 in Spain, £12,500 to £19,800 in London, and €14,700 to €20,300 in Germany. However, if you wish to further maximize your earning potential in this industry, it is advised for you to become fluent in the English language and the chosen European country’s native language. For example, if you are German and English language fluent, and are good at conversing with customers, you can earn within the salary bracket of £17,900 to £30,000 on the high side.

5# Technicians and associates Profession in Europe

In the distance learning sector, there is a growing need for technicians and associates, much of which is being met by foreign staff. Statistically speaking, across Europe, around 12% of employers in this sector are on the lookout for foreign staff to fill in these roles, thus many European businesses and companies are offering job opportunities to foreign technicians and associates. London is notably ahead, as it is home to over 34% non-British technicians and associates this year compared to last year’s 33%, according to various statistical sources such as ManpowerGroup, and Adzuna Statistics.  

The earning potential in several European countries is as follows: in Britain, foreign technicians and associates can earn over €8,100 per year on average, in Germany, it is between €12,500 and €15,200 on average, per year, whereas the range is €11,800 to €15,200 in Spain. 

For you to be a sought-after candidate in this industry, it is essential to have clear and fluent English speaking skills. Speaking strictly about Germany, if you are good at English and German both, you can earn a way better yearly salary of over £45,500 on the higher side, or within a salary bracket of £28,000 to £40,200 overall, depending upon experience and native as well as English language fluency.

6# Dentists Profession in Europe

Dentists are a universal need, and thus their demand in Europe is ever-growing. An average number of 1,800 dentists retire every year in each European country, leaving room for emerging talent in the form of young graduated specialists. This job is well-paying and opens doors for private practice. Thus, if you have specialized in dentistry, or are a BDS graduate- moving to Europe to practice is a good option. Foreign dentists practicing in Europe can earn greater than £100,000 per year, on average.

7# Psychologists Jobs in Europe

A few years back psychologists were considered luxury employees, but now they are recruited across many industries and not just limited to mental health facilities to assist differently-abled individuals at a mental level. Now, psychologists are part of interview panels at leading European companies, are part of police forces, and are needed for diagnosis in special-needs schools/centers or teaching facilities for adults. You will need a degree or certification or diploma to practice as a clinical psychologist or behavioral psychologist. Foreign Psychologists earn over £33,000 and more depending on experience and employer.

8# Engineers Profession in Europe

Graduates of engineering specialties are very welcomed in Europe: in Germany alone, there are over 52,000 new vacancies open for hiring foreign engineering specialists, and there is also a high rate of retirement in the coming year. Thus, the chances of finding a job as an engineer, be it chemical, mechanical, software, etc. are high. Engineers can earn more than €100,00 per year, on average. Now let me spot light some of the biggest European engineering companies where their HR are always up for hiring international skilled engineers as well as trainee international engineers and those companies to look for jobs in Europe for engineering profession are; Bosch, Abb, Volkswagen, Airbus, Gazprom, Lukoil Oil, and Volvo.

9# Biologists Profession in Europe

The European pharmaceutical industry continuously employs biologists from foreign backgrounds, that have impressive work experience. So if you are highly qualified in this field, go ahead and apply for Biologist jobs in Europe. You can earn between €3,500 to €12,100 every month, working as a biologist in Europe. 

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