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Studying and Living in Augsburg, Germany

Augsburg City Cost of Living

Augsburg is a historic city which was founded 2000 years back. The city has a great architecture having numerous temples as it was one of those cities which was considered as a religious center in the past. Luckily, Augsburg was never affected by the wars and this can be seen clearly in its buildings and monuments. Moreover, the place provides historians with great information about the past to nourish their minds.

Historical Importance of Augsburg Germany

The city of Augsburg is very diverse architecturally. You can mesmerize yourself with new and old architecture in its streets. As on one hand, you can still see the ambiance of Rocco and Renaissance with all fine details which are preserved naturally over centuries. And on the other hand, you can see how the industry of the city has developed itself according to modern traditions, which is a present reality check.

Augsburg is one of the earliest contemporary cities in Germany

It was the earliest contemporary cities in Germany as it has a very benign geographic location. Its location helped it to engage in different merchandise trades and crafts, developing a satisfying economic circulation internationally and nationally. Moreover, the economic stability of the city also helped traders to become politically influential. Such as Jacob Fugger known as the rich influential businessman belonged to Augsburg and also took part in great political events in the country. Moreover, Fuggers who were one of the influential merchant families to build the world’s oldest social housing entity also belonged to this historic city.

Augsburg is one of the peaceful cities in Germany

Augsburg gives an image of a peaceful and conventional small town in Germany. However, the kings and other great names came from the heart of this city who changed world history. For example, Bertolt Brecht, Leopold Mozart, and Rudolf Diesel left their mark in the field of poetry, engineering, and music. Additionally, Jacob Fugger is known to revolutionize the concept of trading.

Augsburg attractions and traditions

Living in Augsburg is unique as it overwhelms people with great tradition and history. This is the reason why the city attracts people from all over the world including the students who come to this historic city to have the best education and environment to live. 

Moreover, the city also has the chain of canals making the city beautiful and amazing just like Venice. Moreover, Maximillian Street provides people with great nightlife as it has the best clubs, bars and leisure places to enjoy. So, whenever you are in Augsburg have a lot of fun and enjoy the beauty and serenity of the place.

Top Universities in Augsburg

Augsburg provides the best education in almost every field of study. Students from all over the world come to the city of Augsburg to have quality education. Augsburg has two public universities that also offer DAAD Scholarship and they are as follows:

Cost of Living in Augsburg for international travelers and students

Living in Augsburg is not different from any other city in the world as it all depends upon you, that how you spend your money. According to a current estimate, it has been proposed that students can live well in 600-700 euros in the city of Augsburg. 

Education is free in Augsburg, but you have to pay an amount of 100 euros to the university. It is a semester contribution fee to avail of the university facilities and it is mandatory. However, if you want to work while studying then you are allowed to work for only 180 half days or 90 full days. Apart from this, if you want to work more then you have to take permission from the specific office. 

A one-person meal at the low budget restaurant in the Augsburg costs only 6-7 euros. However, if you are paying for two persons in a fancy restaurant then it may cost you up to 70 euros which is very expensive. Moreover, a café latte cup costs 2.5 euros which is the same as other cities in Germany. 

Eating at restaurants can be costly. So, if you cook at home and make your daily meals then, of course, you can save a lot of money. As the prices of basic food items are very low then eating a meal at the restaurant. 

The following are the prices of basic food items in Augsburg city of Germany:

  • 1 kg of apples or oranges costs 2 euros
  • A bottle of Milk is less 1 euro
  • White Bread costs less than 1 euro 
  • Domestic beer less than 1 euro
  • The pack of cigarettes costs 5 euros.

Accommodation Cost in Augsburg:

When it comes to accommodation, dorms are very cheap, but some students prefer living in private accommodation whose price depends upon the location. However, if you are good at sharing your place with other people then you can save a lot of money. As you also have to pay utility bills for electricity, garbage, heating, and water which may cost up to 200€. 

The following are the prices of apartments in the city center and outside the Augsburg city center:

  • Single Room apartment costs 450 euros in the city center and 400 euros out of the city center.
  • Shared Apartment costs 300 euros in the city center and 200 euros outside the city center. 

Entertainment, fitness and clothing costs in Augsburg:

Moreover, if you are a fitness freak then membership in the fitness club costs only 20€. Apart from this, the clothing prices depend upon your preferences as you can buy cheap stuff from Primark or can have expensive clothing from top brands shops. 

Places worth visiting in Augsburg 

There are many historical, modern and other attractive places that worth visiting in Augsburg for international and local German travelers, such as the following: 

  1. MerkurBrunnen
  2. Fuggerei
  3. Weberhaus
  4. Schaezler Palais
  5. Augsburger Puppentheatermuseum
  6. Kuhse
  7. MAN Museum
  8. Kammgarnspinnerei which features three contemporary art museums
  9. Bertolt Brecht Haus

Things to do in Augsburg 

A variety of interesting activities are waiting for you in the city of Augsburg and we have listed the top ones in the following list to make your Augsburg trip exciting, enjoyable and memorable:

  • Have dive in Eis Kanal and you will forget all your worries.
  • Enjoy the Segway tour through the mesmerizing city of Augsburg.
  • Have a massage at Bayerisches Haus am Dom and enjoy their finger-licking Swabian delights. 
  • Watch a theatrical permanent play “All the world’s a stage”, you will definitely love it. 
  • Engage yourself in a lot of shopping at Augsburgers Dult which is held twice a year during October and Easter. 
  • Have a romantic walk with your loved one in the medieval town. 
  • If you love sweets, then treat yourself at “Augsburger Datschi” which makes cakes with fresh plums. 
  • Beware, that Sundays are dead in Augsburg so make your plans before that as the city will be in everlasting silence.

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