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Studying and Living in Bonn, Germany

Living Cost in Bonn - Top Attractions in Bonn Germany

Bonn is rich in culture and tradition. The city has a rich history and you can explore it by walking through its streets, as traders in the early times use to function and organize themselves there. It has impressive Romanesque Rococo and Baroque styles architecture which is preserved till today with great care. 

Historical Importance of Bonn Germany

In the old days, Bonn was a Romans military settlement. It has wooden forts which are known as Castra Bonnensis and Bonna. These forts were built because of the city’s reachable geographical location on the Rhine, its epic surrounding nature and the climate.

The Bonn city has been under continuous development as it has survived many wars and hardships. It is one of the major cities in Germany for political and administrative handlings and arrangements. Moreover, Bonn has remained the capital city of Germany for over 40 years and 12 united nations institutions have maintained their roots in the city. Furthermore, it also has large German companies operating there such as Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Welle, Deutsche Post, and T-Mobile. 

The city Bonn, however, is mostly known for its diplomatic and administrative affairs and not many industries operate in the city. Although the industries which function in the city, work on switchgear, laboratory equipment, and the likes. Furthermore, when agriculture products are needed by the city, then they are bought from the villages nearby.  

Bonn is rich in arts and culture as it is the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven who was a piano prodigy. The city has a famous center of artistic life and music known as Beethovenhalle. Moreover, the city also has different theatres in which operetta, opera, ballet, and musicals are held. 

Cost of Living in Bonn for Students and international travelers

Bonn is an affordable German city, but your cost of living always depends upon how you spend your money. The city has different restaurants offering food in different cuisines. The fancy restaurants are expensive, but you can always find an affordable place to eat.

A meal at the restaurant usually costs around 12€ but if you are paying for a meal for two persons then the price may climb up to 40€. When it comes to buying a beer then the domestic beer cost you less as it is 1.50€. However, if you buy an imported beer it costs around 3€. Furthermore, the coffee is cheap all around Germany and so in Bonn, as it cost only 2.60€. 

If you want to save money then you should definitely start making meals at home. Fruits and vegetables are very cheap as they will not cost you more than 3€. Apart from this, if you are fond of smoking then a pack of Marlboro’s smokers costs only 5.50€. Moreover, the bottle of mid-range wine costs only 6€ and water which is the absolute necessity of life cost only 0.23€.

The following are the prices of some of the food supplies needed in daily routine:

  • Cheese – 5.00€
  • Bread – 2.25€
  • Milk – 0.65€
  • Eggs – 1.16€
  • Rice – 1.02€

Transportation cost in Bonn, Germany

Transportation costs are not expensive in Bonn. You can easily get a regular pass in 86€ and can travel to the city. However, if you are a student then you will get an extra discount which will lower the burden of expenses on you.

Accommodation cost in Bonn, Germany

When it comes to the accommodation costs then Bonn is quite affordable. One-bedroom apartment in Bonn city center costs nearly 750€. But if you want to have an apartment in the peripheral area then you may get accommodation at a lower cost such as 490€. 

However, if you want to save money and is good at sharing your place with other people then you can have a 3 bedroom apartment at 1360€ in the Bonn city center. But if you take the same apartment outside the city center then it will cost you less for 930€. So, by sharing the place you can save a lot of money as you also have to pay the utility bills which may cost you around 240€. 

Monthly membership for fitness centers is also cheap in Bonn as it costs only 26€ monthly. Apart from this, fun activities don’t cost you much if you do them rarely, for example, watching a movie at the cinema at 11€ only.

Top Universities in Bonn, Germany

Bonn has two universities that provide top-quality education. 

The university was founded 200 years ago and since then it has maintained its reputation. It is one of the important and known institutions for tertiary education all over Europe. All around it has 7 faculties divided into departments, institutes, and clinics. Moreover, the university has approximately 34,000 students studying in different programs.

Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences 

This university was founded in 1995 with the partnership of the Aachen International Center for Information Technology. It offers nearly 26-degree programs at bachelor’s and master’s levels. 

Places worth visiting in Bonn, Germany

There are different things you can do in Bonn such as you can visit 

  • Bonn Minster – The Cathedral
  • The Art and Exhibition Hall
  • Museum Koenig
  • Beethoven-Haus
  • The Rhineland Museum
  • Academic Museum of Antiquities
  • Bonn Museum of Modern Art
  • The Arithmeum
  • August-Macke-Haus
  • Bonn Botanic Gardens and Poppelsdorf Palace

Moreover, never leave Bonn without trying Himmel un Ääd specialty and Bonnsch beer.

Things to do in Bonn, Germany

Bonn has many things to see and visit as it is historically and culturally very rich. So, whenever you are in Bonn do not miss seeing the following things.

  • The Rodderberg and the Dragon’s Rock (sites of iconic battles in a hill and also a shallow volcanic crater) 
  • World Championship of foil fencing
  • Beethovenfest
  • Market Square
  • Rhine River and breweries
  • Rheinaue Castle
  • Theaters
  • Rhine Park
  • Blow up club

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