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Studying and Living in Bremen, Germany

How is it like to live in Bremen City?

Bremen went through roller coaster ride of events in the past. It is the city which is very rich in history and you can feel it while walking through its streets. Additionally, the city gives a lot of historical knowledge to the voyagers. However, it takes a lot of visualization and imagination to understand the history of the city as its cobbled streets are full of historical details written over time.

Historical Importance of Bremen City

In medieval times, Bremen was a Holy Roman Empire’s religious and military center. The city was favorable for the Roman Empire because of its water surroundings and geographical location. Bremen has played a character of harbor, fortification, instead of being a force behind Northern Germany Christianization. However, King Charlemagne gave the city a bishop status also known as “Rome of the North” because during his reign many people were converted to Christianity.

Bremen has a great architecture which is influenced by the old Baroque style. This old Baroque style is imprinted on the walls, monuments, and buildings of Bremen.

Attractions in Bremen Germany

The city is attracted by the visitors because of its survival in hard times, its medieval glories and the futuristic visions. These properties make the city unique and attractive to people as they want to know more about the historical city. 

Bremen is the 10th largest city in Germany.

Bremen is the 10th largest city in Germany as it is a combination of two cities of Bremerhaven and Bremen. Moreover, it is also one of the German city-states along with Hamburg and Berlin. Apart from these, all other states of Germany are known as area states. 

The size of a state does not define its capabilities and the same is the case with Bremen which is a small state. The inhabitants of Bremen have exceptional qualities as they have earned the title of “the city of Science” for it. Currently, 350 high tech companies practice technological knowledge in different technology parks assimilating business and science together.

Bremen is a Top Trade city of Germany

It is known as a popular trade city in Germany. It has different industries operating in it such as renewable energy, aerospace and aviation, luxury products, automobile manufacturing, logistics, tourism and life sciences industries making it a “City of Science”.

Moreover, the city is a brand capital of breakfast cereals, coffee, Mercedes cars, and beer. After Hamburg, it is the second-largest port for different shipments such as cereals, wool, cotton, motor vehicles, tobacco, and coffee. Additionally, Bremen also produces modern things such as space stations, lager rocket parts, and cornflakes. 

Different top-class brands enjoy a scientific atmosphere in the city such as Airbus Defense & Space, Mercedes-Benz, Hachez, BLG Logistics, etc. Additionally, different international companies also have their headquarters in Bremen such as Kellog, Mondelez International, Thermo Fisher GmBH and Bruker Daltronic GmBH. Furthermore, these companies have given 6,600 people jobs in Bremen making them financially stable.

Life in Bremen city for Students

Additionally, Bremen is a popular choice among students for studying. It has a number of popular universities that provide you with great quality education in almost every field. Moreover, Bremen provides students with great job opportunities in the field of science and engineering. So, whenever you are coming to Bremen be prepared to learn more about science instead of history only.

The report on cost of living for students with the list of top Universities in Bremen was published that may also be useful to read for the students who plan on studying in Bremen in the near future.

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