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Top Universities and Student life in Bremen Germany

Bremen city Student Life and Cost of living

When it comes to thinking about studying in Germany, then one of the top cities where international students wish to take admissions in Bremen Germany. It is because Bremen city has that vibrant vibe and considered one of the inexpensive cities of Germany as compared to Berlin. Moreover, Bremen city is the home to the best 5 German Universities that accept international students and also offer DAAD scholarships.

If you learn more about the historical importance of Bremen city then you may find Bremen more attractive due to its rich history and culture.

Top 5 Universities in Bremen, Germany

Following are the top 5 universities in Bremen providing great quality education and various scholarships: 

#1 University of Applied Sciences Bremen

It was founded in 1799 and offers around 60 different degree programs. These degree programs include economics, engineering, natural sciences, and social sciences. However, the university also provides the students with BA and MA degrees. Moreover, it also provides students with the opportunities of international internships and research facilities as it has cooperative agreements with almost 270 partners internationally.

#2 Jacobs University Bremen

Jacobs University Bremen is a private university and is internationally oriented offering all the courses in the English language. University offers 22 undergraduate programs and 19 postgraduate (master/Ph.D.) programs, preparing the students for the international market.  

#3 International School of Bremen

International School of Bremen is a private co-educational college-preparatory which is relatively new. The university provides a great English speaking environment to international students living in Bremen. 

#4 University of Bremen

It is rated as one of the top ten universities in Germany offering 12-degree programs. Moreover, the university provides great research facilities to students from different research institutions, which are located inside the campus. 

#5 University of the Arts Bremen

University of the Arts Bremen provides excellent opportunities for students to develop their artistic skills. It offers degrees in performing arts and visual arts. Moreover, it provides a range of programs incorporating art, music, and design. Furthermore, it also provides the facility of seminars and workshops on large academic and artistic projects to students.  

Cost of living in Bremen

Bremen is expensive as compared to other small cities in Germany but there are some possibilities by which you can save money and manage your budget. Mostly, it depends upon you that how good are you with saving money. 

Usually, a one-person meal at the inexpensive restaurant cost nearly 10€. But if you want to pay for two-person for a three-course meal and wine at a mid-range restaurant then the price may climb up to 60€. Apart from this, a 0.5-liter domestic beer cost 3.50€ whereas the imported one costs 3.75€.

However, if you want to purchase a bottle of water then it will cost 1.70€ and a cup of coffee costs around 2.50€ only which is the standard rate all around Germany. 

So, if you are cooking at home and making your daily meals then, of course, you can save a lot of money. As the prices of basic food items are very low then eating a meal at the restaurant. 

Following are the prices of some basic food items for daily use in Bremen:

  • 12 Eggs – 1.60€
  • Apples – 70€
  • Water 1.5l – 0.70€
  • Bread – less than 1€
  • Tomatoes – 1.50€
  • Milk 1l – less than 1€

The prices of most vegetables and fruits are around 2-4€ which is very affordable. Apart from this, a mid-range wine costs 4€ and local beer costs 1€ which is cheaper than having drinks at a bar. 

Transportation, Gym & Cinema cost in Bremen

Transportation costs are not too much in Bremen as the monthly pass cost only 55€ with student discounts. Fitness club membership costs 30€ monthly. Apart from this, a movie ticket at the cinema costs 11€ and clothing items prices depends upon your budget and preferences.

Accommodation Cost in Bremen

When it comes to accommodation, dorms are very cheap, but some students prefer living in private accommodation whose price depends upon the location. A one-bedroom apartment cost 460€ in Bremen city center but the same apartment costs 320€ in the peripheral area.

However, if you are good at sharing your place with other people then a three-bedroom apartment costs 1200€ in the city center and 500€ in peripheral areas. So, sharing your place can save a lot of money as you also have to pay utility bills which may cost up to 150€. 

Places worth visiting in Bremen

There are different places and things in Bremen which you should never miss to see while in Bremen. 

  • Söge Street
  • Brewery tours
  • Wine Cellars
  • Schnoor Quarter
  • German Emigration Museum
  • Peter’s Cathedral
  • Roland Statue (Symbol of German independence depicting a French commander killed by Basques in 878)
  • Town Musician’s Statue (It is of great Roman architecture)
  • Böttcher Street (100 meters long and has 7th houses including gallery, three museums, and a theatre)  
  • Town Musician’s Statue (From a popular folk tale by the Brothers Grimm)

Things to do in Bremen

It is recommended for international travelers to engage in the following activities upon your visit to Bremen city: 

  • Have a Walk through the streets in Schnoorviertel which is having old houses and fishing quarters.
  • Visit a Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum which is for art lovers. 
  • Visit the Bremen Town Musicians (Stadtmusikanten).
  • Watch interesting graffiti which is adding a new touch to historical building walls.
  • Visit the oldest famous coffee house.
  • Go for a cruise along the River Weser
  • Try out the chocolate of Hachez company which is the second largest manufacturer in Germany.
  • Visit Altstadt which is around Marktplatz and arranges the Christmas market in winter which is mesmerizing to watch. In summers there are bars, restaurants, and shops where people have a beer, coffee and people shop endlessly.
  • Have a cake at the famous Knigge cake shop or have a “Dresden Stolle” or a “Tree cake” for a lovely experience.

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