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Student life in Frankfurt Germany

Frankfurt is a small city but is a compact one and has everything that you may need. It has citizens from all over the world traveling here for different purposes such as business, jobs, education, etc. Moreover, people get attracted to the city because of the extravagant lifestyle it provides.

What is Frankfurt famous for?

The Frankfurt city is famous for three things Book Fair, Stock Exchange, and Goethe. So, whenever you are in Frankfurt never forget to take back the memories of these as they represent Frankfurt.

Frankfurt is popular for the biggest book fair and in the world and is also home to Goethe. Moreover, it is rich in culture and traditions as it has a lot of art and history museums as well as excellent dining options, vibrant nightlife, and a fine musical taste. Additionally, it also hosts crazy motor carnivals which attracts people from all over the world.

What else Frankfurt has to offer to its tourists?

Frankfurt has it all, including the amazing skyscrapers, best restaurants, and most successful moneymakers and the bankers. Besides being the busiest city in Germany it still has a quiet lifestyle as Frankfurters like to mind their own business no matter what. 

Moreover, whenever you go to Frankfurt, never miss the top view from the big buildings. The best way to see an amazing view is to have dinner in the restaurant named Manhattan on the Main, located on the 53rd floor of Main Tower. Apart from this, never forget to taste the ‘Handkäs mit Musik’ which is a culinary specialty. This delicious spicy dish is made from the sour-tasting cheese united with caraway seeds and onions. Moreover, the dish becomes tastier if consumed with some apple wine. 

Bars and Clubs in Frankfurt

Additionally, Frankfurt is the jazz capital of Germany as it has a bar named Der Jazzkeller. This bar was established in the 50s and use to host jazz legends and people such as Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra. Moreover, the city also has Eintracht one loathsome soccer team named as Frankfurter’s fancy. Apart from these, the city also has an Eintracht club and Bundesliga which are a popular public attraction. 

Geographical Mapping of Frankfurt

The main river divides Frankfurt into two fronts. One front has the modern buildings resembling the futuristic mindset which is why it is also known as Manhattan. However, the other front has ancient buildings and different old houses which are used as museums, exhibiting the art and tradition of old times. 

Frankfurt is listed as the financial capital of Europe. Moreover, the city has a history of tradition in trading and stabilizing its economy. Currently, it is an international trade and business center, as it has the largest Stock Exchanges in the World and European Central Bank. 

Frankfurt Airport is Third Largest and Busiest in the world

The airport in Frankfurt is ranked as the third largest and busiest in the world, which clearly shows the business interest of people in this small city. Apart from business, the city is also ranked as the most liveable metropolises in the world. People from all over the world come to Frankfurt bringing their own cultures. It is very possible that one of the three people you are going to meet in Frankfurt will be from different parts of the world, representing their own culture.

The city of Frankfurt is very easy to reach because of its central location. Moreover, the Frankfurt airport Lufthansa is the busiest airport in the world receiving passengers every second. People coming to this city of opportunities always fall in love with it and make this place their home. Additionally, this is very evident from one of the surveys, that every third person in Frankfurt does not speak German and is from some other place which shows the diversity of the city.

At first, you will not find the Frankfurt city too urbanized, but once you explore it, you will come to know that it hosts a large percentage of the area which is green. Moreover, you will find the best neighborhood Bornheim in the city, which is filled with creative shops, small cafes, and a street lined with lush trees. Additionally, it has the family district Westend, shopping centers Innenstad and Sachsenhausen in which you can find everything you desire to have. 

Why Study in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt is a popular study destination for international students. One of the main reasons for this is the geographical location of Frankfurt. The city has a very central location which makes it easy to get from anywhere in Germany. 

Moreover, the city of Frankfurt is attracted by the students because of its beautiful scenery, landscapes, rich history, culture, and traditions. Additionally, Frankfurt provides the students to meet people from all over the world who are having different experiences and cultures to share. However, these are just a few prominent things that make the city an attractive study destination for international students. 

When you are deciding to study in Frankfurt, you are signing for a lovely lifetime experience. The city is very beautiful as it has beautiful green mountains and amazing landscapes which will give you the feeling of peace and calmness.

Frankfurt City Architecture

Apart from the beautiful landscapes and captivating mountains, Frankfurt also has a great architecture that will amaze you. You can see modern architecture buildings anywhere in the world, but Frankfurt has its own kind of modern architecture which will definitely mesmerize you. So, as a student, you will get an excellent education in Frankfurt in conjunction with such an inspirational environment. 

Benefits of Studying in Frankfurt

One of the other benefits to study in Frankfurt is that you get the chance to study from the best professors in the world. Every institution has its own professors who have excelled in their fields. Moreover, some of the professors working in universities are also Nobel prize winners in different fields. This allows the students to get the best education from the best professors in the world to shape and excel in their careers. 

Moreover, in addition to great landscapes and quality education, Frankfurt also provides a unique environment for students to maintain business and career-related relationships with companies. As the Frankfurt city, is known for its excellent trading and business opportunities, it helps the students to make contact with different entrepreneurs in the city for future assistance.

Lastly, if you are a loner then it is very safe for you to travel alone in Frankfurt. However, if you want to socialize then there are also many options for you to build up your own social network. As, the city hosts many cafes, bars, and restaurants, etc. for you to make new connections either they are professional or personal.

The cost of living in Frankfurt is quite reasonable for the students and for the short term or long term international travelers.

Universities, Education and Scholarships in Frankfurt

Frankfurt city is not only known for modern architecture and currency flow but is also recognized for its best quality education. It provides great opportunities for students to make their careers and excel in life. 

There are 5 Top Universities in Frankfurt listed as follows:

#1 Johann Wolfgang Goethe University

It was founded in the year 1914 for the citizens of Frankfurt and interestingly it was also financed by its citizens which is a unique event in history. The university has four campuses where students can get quality education in different fields.

  • Campus Bockenheim provides education in the field of Computer science, Mathematics, Fine Arts and Art history. 
  • Campus Westend provides education in Pedagogy, Psychology, Social sciences, Theology, Philosophy, Archaeology, Law, History, Philology, Business Administration, Human geography and Economics.
  • Campus Riedberg provides education in Physics, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Geosciences, Geography, and Biochemistry.
  • Campus Niederrad provides education in Dentistry and Medical science. 

Moreover, the university has the most qualified professors and its alumni also have people who are the Nobel prize winners. So, this clearly depicts the popularity of university among students and the quality of education it provides. 

#2 University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt

It is the university of applied sciences Frankfurt that prepares its students for the future market by giving all the relevant practical skills to students during an academic degree. The university aims to prepare its students in such a way that after graduation they should start sharing and using their skills in the relevant department. Moreover, The University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt offers 57 courses in 4 different faculties making it one of the best-applied sciences institutions in Germany. These faculties include

  • Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • Business and Law
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Social Work and Health

#3 The University of Music and Performing Arts

The university of music and performing arts Frankfurt was founded in 1938 and it was the only institution of its kind in the region. It features approximately 900 students yearly. Moreover, there are 65 professors in the university who are highly qualified and 320 assistant professors who guide students towards their careers. Apart from this, the curriculum of the university includes the performance in instruments and voice, teaching of music, conducting, composition and church music. Additionally, the university also offers courses in musical theatre, dance, and drama. However, after graduation, the university also provides the students with an opportunity to gain a postgraduate degree in teaching music and musicology. 

#4 Städelschule – Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste Städelschule

The university history dates back to two centuries because of the Johann Friedrich Städel excellence. He was a merchant who established a community and young artists to communicate with its collection of art. Moreover, two institutions originate from this place. Such as The Stadel Museum and Stadel Schule which is the international standard academy and collect talented people and experts to explore the ancient things. Additionally, Portikus which is an exhibition space also has been added to the international reputation of the school. As people have been exhibiting and sharing their work and thoughts in Portikus since 1987.

#5 Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

The Frankfurt school of finance and management provides education in the field of management, business, finance, and banking. Moreover, the institution aims to prepare the students for the future so they can work in multinational companies or run their own businesses. Intellectually, the university challenges its students to think forward over challenges that come in business and finance, and finding ever-changing solutions for the problems.


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