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Acceptance letter for DAAD Scholarships in 2022-2023

DAAD Scholarship Professor Acceptance Letter and Selection Criteria

The following key points will help DAAD Scholarships 2022 applicants about if they need to find a supervisor or professor prior to their scholarship application or not. This article will also help international students regarding the selection criteria of DAAD Scholarship Germany.

  • Are you required to provide German Person’s reference with the DAAD Scholarship application?

Whether you are carrying out personal research or you are carrying out research for your doctorate programme in Germany, you will have to ensure that you have a lecturer who will state that they are supervising you in Germany. If you are studying for a structured doctoral programme, you will have to submit contacts from your doctoral programme coordinator. Proof of this should be sent together with the correspondence copies. For students who are interested in masters’ programmes, they are only required to submit information on the subject courses that they choose.

  • How can I get a supervisor for DAAD Scholarship of Germany?

An academic supervisor can be a university lecturer or any other staff in the teaching faculty. Make sure that these supervisors are from recognized higher education institutions in Germany. Make sure that the supervisor that you choose has professional experience in their field.

  • Once I find a supervisor, which documents should he or she give to me to help with the application?

Make sure that the application letter is sent together with a confirmation letter from your academic supervisor. This confirmation should state that they would assist you with your research project as well as your doctorate programme. The confirmation letter should show that the two of you have discussed the research project and time planning. It should also state where you are going to work from as well as the language to be used.

Procedure for selection for DAAD Scholarships 2022

  • How my DAAD Scholarship application will be evaluated?

The reviewing of the DAAD scholarship applications is handled by an independent and voluntary selection board that constitutes of teachers, researchers and DAAD lectors of diverse nationalities. The scholarship program and the situation at that particular location are what determines whether the best applicants will have to make a physical appearance. If the decision is not made by the board then there is a two-stage selection process where a different independent committee of academics in Germany gets to decide. DAAD staff never have to vote in the selection procedure.

  • Which criteria does the selection committee use in making their decision?

The criteria involve;

  1. Quality of project-
  • when it comes to study and research visits, for courses of continuing education, if your project is convincing and well structured, see above question 2. B
  • For structured study programmes and language or specialist courses, a well-founded course selection will go a long way as in 1. B above
  1. Academic merits

Depending on the scholarship programme you are doing, extra selection criteria such as language skills may be an added advantage

Yousaf Saeed

Yousaf is known as a scholarship specialist in South Asian universities where he delivers lectures on scholarships related matters and we are happy to have him in our team because his knowledge about study abroad opportunities is very helpful for students. He also won three funded funded international scholarships through which he got his undergrad, masters and Phd studies completed with good impact factor score on researchgate.

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