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Sweden Jobs 2023 With Average Salaries And Required Qualifications

Considering the current financial situation, having a suitable and secure job is quite challenging, especially if it is not covering your daily expenses. In such circumstances, it is better to look for a better opportunity and apply for the available vacant posts that offer unlimited benefits with high salaries. Sweden is one of the best European countries to find jobs and get settled due to high salary and allowance benefits issued to foreign skilled workers.

If you are planning to move out from your home country in search of a well-paid job, Sweden is the best option due to its vast earning opportunities, international companies, and high networking chances.

List of Available Jobs in Sweden in 2023:

Overseas applicants willing to start their professional journey in Sweden can apply for jobs in different fields, like engineering, teaching, healthcare, aviation, banking, etc., and observe a noticeable difference in their savings, working schedule, and routine life.

1# Aviation Jobs in Sweden:

The first notable yet highly-paid sector on our list of jobs in Sweden is aviation, with dozens of multinational aviation companies, airports & airlines operating in Sweden, like Avionix, Nextet, Lycksele Airport, Linkoping City Airport, etc. Here interested individuals can try their luck and work as Aviation Managers, Pilots, ATC Controllers, Avionic Technicians, etc., and earn SEK 86,900 per month, SEK 90,000 per month, SEK 52,000 per month, & 52,400/ month on average, respectively.

On the other hand, the above-stated salaries can vary based on experience, skills, and qualifications. Considering educational requirements, a pilot in Sweden must have a Commercial Pilot License, English & Swedish language proficiency, Valid EASA ATPL, Valid EASA Medical Class 1, with 200 hours of flying experience, & a BS degree in Aviation.

Meanwhile, a BS or MS degree or a diploma in Aviation Management, with organizational & communication skills, is mandatory for Aviation Manager. However, ATC Controllers need higher secondary school diploma or a relevant degree in electronics or communication, with three years of work experience. Lastly, Avionic Technicians must hold a Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in Aviation engineering or technology.

2# Freelance Jobs in Sweden:

People eager to start their professional journey as a freelancer in Sweden have hundreds of options to look for, as interested ones can root for jobs that share their common interests and huge salaries. Being an overseas applicant, you can work here as a driver, electrician, plumber, etc., or even apply for online jobs, like content writing.

Salary scale will be different for each post obviously because of the type of work, academic qualifications, expertise, & skills. But, in general, a plumber can earn around SEK 16,600/ month, a driver will get SEK 14,500/ month, & an electrician will make SEK 21,400/month in Sweden. Meanwhile, a content writer’s salary depends upon the amount of work that person is doing in a month and that on average would be SEK 43,100/ month.

Interested ones can find open jobs for the above job posts in Sweden at LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group, Bladt Industries, NorthVolt, Metagenics, etc. On the other hand, if you are passionate about working as a content writer in Sweden, a BS degree relevant to your work field is necessary, with English proficiency, knowledge of brand voicing, & 2 to 3 years of experience in writing. Meanwhile, a driver must have a valid driving license, a high school diploma, time management skills, and the ability to handle people. Similarly, a degree in electrical or mechanical engineering is necessary for electrician jobs, and plumbing jobs call for JOB/CSCS card with related degree in the field.

3# Banking Jobs in Sweden:

Next, we have banking jobs in Sweden, consisting of several reputable banks, like Swedbank, Nordea, SEB Bank, Ikano Bank, offering well-paid salaries for open job posts, like cashier, compliance officer, accountant, HR manager, and all.

International bankers with the required academic degree and work experience can make a handsome amount of salary on these jobs in Sweden, which would be SEK 17,000/ month for a cashier, SEK 21,900/ month for Bank Compliance Officer, SEK 46,500/ month for an accountant, & SEK 70,600/ month for HR manager.

Meanwhile, academic requirement is to have a BS or MS degree in Human Resource Management, English proficiency, and knowledge of payroll management for HR jobs. For accountant & compliance officer jobs, a BS degree in accounting or finance is necessary, with experience in working with overseas banks. Similarly, a cashier needs a BS degree in Economics or Accounting minimum with 4 to 5 years of work experience.

4# Healthcare Sector Jobs in Sweden:

Working in the healthcare department of Sweden is a dreamy job that allows passionate nurses, physicians, physiotherapists, radiologists, etc., to play a significant role in patient care. Interested ones can serve humanity and apply for the vacant posts at Beckomberga Hospital, Oskarshamn’s hospital, Linkoping University Hospital, Trelleborg Hospital, etc.

Moreover, working as a physician requires a Bachelor’s degree in medicine, 6 months of clinical training, & a valid license to practice medicine, offering SEK 106,000/ month. Meanwhile, physiotherapists can earn SEK 84,100/ month if they hold a BSc degree in physiotherapy, 2 years of clinical experience, a license to practice as physiotherapists, etc.

On the other hand, registered nurses will get SEK 37,700/month, having a Bachelor’s degree in nursing or equivalent education with a residency program. And Radiologists can make SEK 151,000/ month, but they must hold a specialization degree in radiology with a Swedish medical license.

5# Engineering Jobs in Sweden:

Another famous profession making waves in the Swedish industry is Engineering, hiring skilled and qualified engineers from different countries at high salaries. If you have that potential and are willing to get employed by these Swedish engineering companies, apply for the available jobs at AECOM, Jacobs, Danaher, Fortive, etc.

One can work as Civil Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Safety Engineer, or Electrical Engineer and earn around SEK 40,700/ month, SEK 49,200/month, SEK 42,300/month, & SEK 44,600/ month, respectively. However, a Civil engineer needs a BS/MS degree in civil engineering and construction.

In the same way, electrical engineers must have an experience in product automation, machine safety designs, and a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Meanwhile, Safety engineers with an MSc degree in chemical or electrical engineering, & mechatronics are also welcome to apply for suitable employment vacancies of Sweden.

6# University Jobs in Sweden:

Lastly, we have teaching jobs at prestigious universities in Sweden which are Uppsala University, Swedish Agriculture Sciences University, Gothenburg University, Lund University, etc. Under this noble profession, one can serve as a Senior Lecturer and earn SEK 48,333/month, an Assistant Professor will earn SEK 45,000/ month, & a postdoc Researcher will get SEK 37,200/month.

Considering the educational requirements to work as a senior lecturer & a postdoc Researcher at Swedish universities, ask for a Ph.D. degree in the relevant field with 5 years of teaching experience, & some published articles. However, to be an assistant professor in Sweden, you must have a doctorate or equivalent education.

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