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Top 3 Easiest Countries to Get Work VISA in 2024


I always emphasize on optimizing your salary to maximum level with added benefits or allowances but most people find it complex and do not even know what does that mean so for that reason i came up with this article to provide you some insights about those countries where you will receive high salary, maximum allowances and get your work visa easily.

You might be receiving a high salary in your country but let me tell you that i got a list of 3 countries offering easy work visas and in these 3 countries workers of your profession are making much higher salaries with high living standards and the good news is that even if you start working in these countries then you will also be receiving all these perks so, therefore, i advise you to find jobs in Estonia, Canada, or Iceland and in this article i am going to provide details on their work visas.

Ranked #1 Estonia Work VISA

As per my analysis Estonia comes out to be on top of the list of those countries where high number of work visa applications are approved and that too because so many job applicants find high paying jobs in Estonia super easily and if you are wondering how to apply for Estonian work visa then for that you would be required to have EU blue card which can be requested either from Estonian embassy or from police & border guard board service.


And as per recent report published by Estonia is actually facing high skill shortages in healthcare, ICT, teaching, managerial, and law sector whereas manufacturing/shop/street workers, construction/mining/transport professionals, laundry/vehicle/window cleaning workers are now found in surplus in Estonia.

Ranked #2 Canada Work VISA

In a next few months i think Canada is all set to be ranked at #1 position on this list of countries where it is easy to obtain work visa because recently Canada is capturing skilled workers from all over the world by issuing work visas through its different immigration programs.


All of these work based immigration programs of Canada are providing thousands and thousands of high paying job opportunities to foreign skilled workers to immigrate to Canada so therefore i recommend you to check any of these immigration programs through which you can easily get a work visa for Canada in next coming months:

Ranked #3 Iceland Work VISA

Iceland is another country which welcomes foriegners for work purposes and you will be glad to know if you are a citizen of any Schengen/EU country then you will not be required to obtain Iceland’s work visa because you are permitted under schengen law to start a job in Iceland without work visa whereas if you are US citizen then you may need to apply for a work visa however you can enter Iceland for up to six months on tourist visa (Ref US Embassy) and if you belong from any other country then you are bound to have work visa to legally enter Iceland to start you new job (Ref


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