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American Agriculture Farming Jobs 2023 for International Job Seekers With US Work VISA

Apply for US Agricultural Jobs with Your Resume or CV

If you are a skilled farmer having expertise in harvesting crops by planting and cultivating or have work experience in animal breeding or any other farming sector then US have high paying job options for you in their agricultural sector where skill shortages are at all time high in 2023.

As per recent survey by USDA ERS, over 21 million agricultural jobs were present in US jobs market which actually constitutes of about 10.5% of American employment so you can see from this how great are your chances of getting an agricultural job in US.

This is now the reason why US is seeking expert skilled agricultural workers from international market and allowing them to apply for agricultural work visas and if you want to apply for an agricultural job in US then your first step should be to get familiar with the type of US work VISA you will apply so for that i have this information for you below:

US Agriculture Work VISA: H-2A VS H-2B Work VISA Difference

Actually this section is of extreme importance because after reading this section you will have an understanding of which US work VISA is going to be a best fit for your purpose of immigrating to USA. So for the reason of starting an agricultural related job in America there is a specific type of US work VISA available which is US H-2A Work VISA but mostly some people confuse it with H-2B type work visa of USA which is given to the non agricultural work purposes.

H-2A Agricultural Work VISA for USA: Application Fees Starts from US$460 (Source

Now your task is to find an agricultural employer from USA who is hiring farm workers or agricultural sector workers under H-2A work visa program and let me give you a hint on this as most agricultural jobs are available in California, then texas, and then Florida state (Source, Google & Forbes).

Salaries in Agricultural Sector of USA in 2023

Salaries of agricultural workers in USA are high and that is because most Agriculture sector occupations comes under skill shortages which is why the median salary in 2023 was estimated to be around US$96715 with an increase of 2.8% from 2022 (Source USDA).

And if i give you an idea of minimum and maximum salaries in US agricultural sector then that is around US$36k for entry level agricultural job position and over US$104k per year for a highly skilled agricultural worker (

List of High demand Agricultural Job Occupations in USA

If you are now interested to find a job in agricultural sector of USA then you will be glad to know that most entry level agricultural job occupations (Laborers, or crops farming workers) do not even require an educational degree but work experience but if you are interested in high paying jobs in US agricultural field then i have listed those occupations for you here:

  1. Wildlife biologist (Salary $107,644)
  2. Agronomist (Salary $74,978)
  3. Veterinarian (Salary over US$100k)
  4. Agricultural engineer (Salary $74,345)
  5. Agricultural economist (Salary $126k)
  6. Geneticist (Salary $82k)
  7. Farm manager (Salary $52k)
  8. Horticulturist (Salary $70k)
  9. Forestor (Salary $49k)
  10. Water treatment worker (Salary $60k)
  11. Grower (Salary $26k)
  12. Fruit picker (Salary $35k)
  13. Ecologist  (Salary $70k)
  14. Harvester (Salary $27k)

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