Get Finland Residence Permit in 2 Weeks for Work, Study, and Family Purposes in 2024


Navigating the journey to a new life in Finland, particularly for work, study, or family reasons, often begins with obtaining a residence permit—a crucial step that allows individuals to legally reside in the country for a period exceeding 90 days. Traditionally, this process could stretch over months, requiring patience and meticulous planning. However, Finland’s fast-track service emerges as a game-changer, presenting a remarkable possibility: securing a residence permit within an astonishingly short span of two weeks. This expedited pathway is designed to cater specifically to a select group of applicants, including specialists, entrepreneurs, EU Blue Card holders, and individuals in specific managerial positions.

A Guide for Job Seekers

Finland offers a plethora of opportunities for skilled professionals, especially in sectors experiencing skill shortages. Understanding how to navigate the job market and the residence permit application process efficiently can set you on a swift path to starting your career in this Nordic country. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you achieve this in just two weeks, provided you meet specific eligibility criteria.

Obtain Finland Residence Permit in 2 Weeks by Fast Track Process

Eligibility for Fast-Track:

  • Application for a first residence permit (not an extension).
  • Non-residency in Finland at the time of application.
  • Belonging to specific categories such as specialists, entrepreneurs, EU Blue Card holders, or specific managerial positions.

Steps to Apply for a 2-Week Fast-Track Finland Residence Permit Application:

  1. Check Your Eligibility: Confirm that you meet the fast-track criteria, focusing on specialist roles, start-up entrepreneurs, EU Blue Card eligibility, ICT specialists, or managerial positions.
  2. Prepare Your Documents: Gather all required visa application documentation as outlined on the Finnish Immigration Service’s official website
  3. Apply Online: Utilize the Enter Finland portals (List given below) to submit your application and attach the required documents.
  4. Fee Payment: Complete the application fee payment through the Enter Finland service.
  5. Identity Verification: Schedule and attend an appointment at a Finnish embassy or consulate within five working days for identity verification.
  6. Employer’s Role: If applicable, your employer must submit your employment terms to Enter Finland for Employers within two working days.
  7. Optional D Visa: Consider applying for a D visa simultaneously, which allows entry into Finland upon permit approval.

Important Considerations: Processing times can vary, and while the fast-track aims for a 2-week turnaround, it’s not guaranteed.


Finding Skill Shortage Jobs in Finland in 2024

Here are some of the most trustable platforms from where you can easily find skill-shortage jobs in Finland with work visa in 2024:

  • TE Office: The government’s job portal TE-palvelut connects job seekers with employers, listing vacancies across various sectors.
  • Education and Research: For opportunities in education and research, visit Finland’s National Agency for Education.
  • Private Job Boards: Platforms like Monster Finland, Indeed Finland, and Oikotie list numerous job opportunities.
  • Specialized Websites: For niche sectors like startups and ICT, check out Start-up Jobs in Finland and ICT Finland.

Top 5 Recruitment Agencies in Finland to find Jobs in 2024

Discovering job opportunities in Finland in 2024 is streamlined by engaging with the country’s top recruitment agencies, each offering specialized services to match candidates with their ideal roles. Here’s a concise overview of the top five recruitment agencies:

  1. aTalent Recruiting: Distinguished for its specialization in commerce and technology sectors, aTalent adopts a direct recruitment strategy, leveraging its robust industry connections. It operates primarily from Helsinki and Turku, offering targeted services to job seekers and companies alike.
  2. Experis Finland: A global recruitment powerhouse with a significant footprint in Finland, Experis offers a diverse array of services ranging from consulting to project solutions. It shines in fields like IT, engineering, finance, and HR, with facilities in five Finnish cities to support a wide range of professional aspirations.
  3. Eilakaisla: With over four decades of recruitment expertise, Eilakaisla stands out for its comprehensive services, including recruitment, HR outsourcing, and relocation support. It excels across various domains such as IT, sales, and finance, with a network of offices in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, and Oulu.
  4. Barona: Renowned for its flexibility and efficiency, Barona caters to both temporary and permanent placement needs across numerous industries. Its approach is particularly adept at meeting high-volume hiring demands, supported by an extensive presence with over 30 offices throughout Finland.
  5. ezy: Annually placing nearly 32,000 candidates, ezy extends its services beyond recruitment to include work visa assistance for foreign workers. Its geographical reach encompasses offices in key Finnish cities including Helsinki, Tampere, and Oulu, among others, making it a versatile choice for job seekers

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